Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Wore: Batik Lawas (Vintage Batik)

As most people know, I adore Batik and Vintage pieces. That's why, when those two elements are combined into one, the only thing I can do is go 'ga-ga'. Anyway, the thing's called 'Batik Lawas'.

The word 'lawas' is actually a Javanese languange, which means 'old'. So basically, a 'batik lawas' is a vintage batik fabric, wether it's secondhand or vintage-washed (we call it 'lawasan').

I have some batik lawas stuffs, and my recent purchase was this adorable skirt which I wore to campus today..

Paired it with Hammer tee, Gaudi Belt, rattan bag, Forever21 headband, and a pair of Charles&Keith wedges.

I'm going to Salatiga tomorrow due to the school obligation. 
I'll be staying there for 4 days, and during the time, there won't be any posting :(. 
I'll catch up soon after arriving..
In the mean time, I'm still doing some packing this and that,
sooooo gtg now :)
*see ya!*


  1. you often put some traditional mix and match in your outfit and that look great!

  2. thanks so much! i know its a bit unusual, but i just love it.. and i do glad that i look good in such style..
    you should try putting on some traditional stuffs dear, for we should be proud of our own culture, embrace it, and just simply let it make us look and feel good :)