Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Late Update: Good Friday Outfit..

Remember what I told you before about my 'broken camera'? Well, apparently, my old little pentax couldn't be saved *hiks!*, but the memory card could! so here we have, my outfit for Good Friday :D

Black and white floral SisterShop maxi dress, black batwing Fashionlicious cardi, Guess animal-printed Clutch, and Noveou silver stilettos.

Noveou is one of the best destination for any kind of pretty shoes/sandals, and these silver pair is simply one of my favourite heels I've got so far! They just magically attached to my feet, love them!

aren't they gorgeous! :D


  1. Absolutely love the dress and shoes, gorgeous. Pity they're not in the UK! Have a good easter,
    Kim xx

  2. @kim mcbirnie : i love your designs too, and it's a pity I live too far away from them :). Have a Good Easter too :D

    @Victoria : indeed, i love them!!