Saturday, April 11, 2009

Note to MISS. L

three of us miss u sooo bad!! 
wish you were here too with us :)
and happy easter!!


  1. yeaahh!!! i miss those '4 or us' times bebb.. and its sooo sad that ata will go back to bandung today, i have no idea when will she be returning again :(

    and anggi and i were just too busy dealing with campus :(, cant spend quality times..

    and on monday, i'll be alone again x(

  2. no no honey you are not alone :) ada aku disini sayangg.. online dong mangkanya biar bisa ngbrol2

  3. aku ol.. tp kamunya ga ada x(

    aku sering kecapean jg sih, langsung tdr begitu nyampe.. hiks..

    aku sering ol lwt hp beb, tp ym.. msn di bb suka aneh gt..

  4. btw indeed, i know im not alone.. i know 3 of you are always there for me anytime anywhere.. even when we're separated like this ;)

  5. wuaaaa i love you girls so much x) x) x) liviii kapan ke sini lagi??

  6. planning to go back home after taking final examss darlie. 22nd may kalau Tuhan mengijinkan. BTW ata are you going back to jkrt? aku cuman smpe around 29th :'(