Thursday, April 2, 2009

After Dealing with Neo-Weberian..

Today was quite a busy day. I was a bit late, and didn't manage to take pics at home before going to campus. The class (social research method) started at approximately 8.30, where I was late (arrived at 9 *dooh!*), and ended at 12.30. The other class (ethnicity study) started at 2pm, so I got only 1/2 an hour to meet my boyfriend and had lunch (and unfortunately, his class started at 1pm x( ). 

We had some disscussion during the session, and my group was obliged to discuss about the neo-weberian theorization. After the class, I actually almost forgot to take pics, since the class ended at 4pm and I was completely tired (and my boyfriend's mood wasn't very good either). But then again, after enjoying some meals, both of us realized that the outfit was too good to be missed.

It was this vintage Body&Soul tee, the super gorgeous (x)sml skirt, white vintage knitted bolero, and Charles&Keith Flats and bag..

So, before we knew it, we went outside to the campus' park and took some pics just before the sky went darker..

My boyfriend took the pics.. *love it!*

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