Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday :)

First of all, my black&white oxford shoes I ordered from Mr.Freddy's arrived!!

and I just couldn't wait to wear these darlings, so I put on this ensemble and off shopping with my boyfriend :)

Zara oversized shirt, Topshop cardi, black legging, batik shawl, ethnic bag (bought it on Inacraft the other day *yaay!*), and Mr. Freddy shoes.

Went back home, doing some browsings, found this fabulous necklace from, and was inspired to create this DIY necklace. 
*thx to my brother who gave me this neglected broken LCD :)*

and then, tried on my new (x)sml man's pants (size IV) which I bought earlier today. 

Gosh, my boyfriend and I were practically in love with this pants. He was the one who insisted me to buy it when I was still dealing with hesitation due to the big size. (the only size that's available was a man's SIZE IV, when I'm a size II woman)
But then again, nothing can go wrong when you're in love. I tried the pants and we were mesmerized on how the size of the pants makes it even more unique, and also accentuate the details of the pants.

Talking about the details, I didn't manage to capture them here since I was the one who deliberately capturing the pics. I'll take some pics of them sometimes soon when I wear the pants..

But I managed to take pic of my newest hair.. :D
(although you may have seen it from previous pics)

well, maybe the difference is not so significant for I want to keep my hair long, but the lenght and the bangs are clearly different than the old one. And like I've said before, a Kate Hudson inspired :)

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  1. udah lihat beeeeeeeeeb! hehehehe i've tried these before sih ma lego adik gue (i couldn't get an LCD thingy) and was satisfied with it :P hihihihihi