Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When They're Not Around


yes, usually I ask my mom, my dad, or my brother to capture my outfit. But this morning, none of them were around, and I managed to took the pics myself, with self-timer..

Capturing this Black fitted tee from Orange, paired with my mom's vintage pants, ethnic necklace I bought in Bali, and a Charles&Keith Bag.

I didn't get the whole outfit, so I tried to took some pics of my black Charles&Keith gladiator flats, and even came out with something like this afterwards :)

love it :)

Finding the Corelation Between Church and Seafood

Sunday morning, my family and I were going to Church to attend the morning mass, I woke up at 8 am, and the mass was started at 9.30. I was a bit sleepy but I realized that I need to get up and get ready due to my other plan later on in the evening. I took a bath, grab the outfit, and was practically ready at approximately 9.15. I wore this grey Arithalia tee, mom's vintage pants, White cardi from Ca tu Cak market, with Aerosoles shoes, and Charles&Keith Bag. The morning mass is always crowded, so this kind of ensemble is best for it, very comfy, and appropriate for Church :)

After going to Church, we usually eat out, and so did last Sunday. My Dad was surprisingly dying for some seafood, and he insisted us to go to Bandar Djakarta, a seaside seafood restaurant in Ancol (North Jakarta), and there we went :)

enjoying some beers..

and some delicious fresh seafood :)

There're plenty more food afterwards, but I just couldn't take it, too busy eating :)

We all went home happily, and with full stomachs too ;)
(in the pics are my two siblings and I)

-Btw, that cardi I wore is not actually a 'Cardi'. I must say that it's more like a multifunctional cut fabric that can be used as a cardi, or even as a vest just like on the pic above. It was so hot there in Ancol, so I turned my cardi into vest :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Safe Disco

I was invited to my friend's sweet 17 birthday party last saturday, and like other sweet 17 bash, it required a dresscode, and it was 'DISCO'. I was actually a little bit confused since there are so many meaning of 'disco' itself,  and the styles are practically different depend on the era. 

The 60's era:
This was the era of disco soul, and the style is more like 'dreamgirls' inspired, fancy fabric and fancy accesories are MUST!

The 70's era:
The music was still inspired by the soul but it's more mild, the disco style is basically similar to what we see on the movie 'Saturday Night Fever', which look like this. 

fancy shirt and shoes for guys, and fancy dresses and earrings for girls

The 80's era: 
The 'fashion crime' era, where the music was fine, and the fashion was all over the place, lots of colors, big hair, big accessories, big big big! It's not about fancy, but FLASHY! -in an over the top kind of way :)

So, based on my notions about the styles, I personally picked something that's more safe (since I'm a bit old compared to those 17 years old crowd, and I didn't want to go out there looking over the top or even too much). Well, basically I came out with something that's more 'me'..

Edie Sedgwick, 1967

The Edie Sedgwick inspired ensemble, represents the 60's era in a more simple way, which was the late 60's. I wore this leopard print gold tunic, brown tights, Next's vintage oxford heels, my mom's vintage earrings, and Charles&Keith tote. I also accentuate the eyes area with dark brown and orange smokey shadow.

And the party went..

The super Gorgeous Birthday Girl, Nastiti Prawitasari. 
she wore this gorgeous silver beaded dress with the puffy skirt, and she looked amazing!

Lazy Monday

Yesterday was just another lazy day.. I stayed at home, dealing with my period x(, and basically did nothing, and was being very unproductive.. (I didn't even work on a blogpost, wether in here, or on my other blog). 

Anyway, I was scrolling at home, I watched 'Definitely Maybe' on HBO (which I actually very like), ate salad, and went back to my baby Mika (my laptop), Facebooking, anddddd ONLINE SHOPPING!!

Maaannn.. I'm currently having this HUGE urge to SHOP!! since I didn't do it so much last month due to my damn heavily raining assignments *dooh!*. And I badly need it, BADLY! I miss the smell of the store, the thrill when I pick the rite stuffs, and simply the 'ga ga' feeling whenever I see the good stuffs :). 

And anyhow, I browsed on my old friendster account, and searched for the online shopping account that I used to order from, and I ended up ordering this gorgeous shoes from Misschic, and a lot of stuffs from Fashionlicious. I've also done some browsing on Bloopendorse and found this very cute pair of shoes. I ordered it but it's not yet confirmed x(, I hope it will soon..

And that was my lazy Monday, I hope you guys had a better one, and I do hope I can go out there and do a 'real' shopping, SOON!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Style Contemplation from Ethnicity Study :)

I was working on my mid-term assignments for the 'Ethnicity study' class, and the thing I'd been doing was this essay about 'United Kingdom'. I stayed up late, working to analyze the subject, and I did a lot of reading too, and during the time, I remembered something very interesting that I just can't wait to put on to this blog.

I love history, I always do :), and when you're talking about European history, especially UK, you'll think about this one thing, and it's INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. And as for me, when talking about this one thing, there'll always another one thing that comes out in my mind, and it's one of the greatest literature masterpieces written by Charles Dickens, OLIVER TWIST..

I'm a huge fan of the book, the play, and the movies, and I go gaga everytime I talk about the FASHION!! 

There are some styles I captured from Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist (2005), which is the newest version of the movie, and which is also my favourite (unfortunately, it didn't reach success on the academy :( ). Most people said that this Roman Polanski version is too dark and gloomy, but I found it very profound and artistic, Polanski's style (remember, 'The Pianist??). 

Barney Clark did a marvelous job in building the character of Oliver, and I also love the character of Fagin played by Ben Kingsley. The dark and gloomy feeling of the movie really represents the era (which was during the Industrial Revolution in 19th century), cause no offense, the play 'Oliver!' is definitely artistic and undeniably amusing, but for Oliver Twist, I kinda prefer the more realistic version, which is Polanski's. 

And somehow, the wardrobe department also did the very good job in capturing the style,

take a look.. :)

who doesn't love the dark feeling of the old London town??

Barney Clark as Oliver, even from this pic we can tell that he plays brilliantly!

don't you just love the knitted vintage shawl?? the way he wears it, and the jacket that matches it??

Oliver and Fagin (played by Ben Kingsley)
the oversized shirt paired with a loose vest, just perfect!

the very cool, Fagin Gang

Charley Bates (Lewis Chase), Oliver, & The Artful Dodger (Harry Eden)
just LOVEEE the whole ensemble! 
the jackets, the vests, the hats, the worn out shoes, the pants, the scarfs..
*going crazy!*

another pics of Oliver and Artful Dodger, just can't get enough of them :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

There's a New Brand in Town *yaayy!*

and it's called COTTON.INK 

formed by Carline Darjanto & Ria Sarwono. a brand accentuate the three fashion philosophy: affordable, comfortable, STYLISH!

all the stuffs are made from cotton which always have causality relation with 'comfortable'. the designs are original and very urban, which also very 'stylish'. and you can check out their blog, to find out how 'affordable' the stuffs are!! 

the tagline of the brand is 'we are a small brand with huge dream'
well, dream HUGE guys, cause I believe that's what you'll be! :D

-i personally ordered two great affordable shawls from them yesterday, but haven't done my payment.. *I'll do it today ;)*

Parent's 27th Anniversary Dinner *still sleepy x(*

Remember that I haven't got proper sleeps for 2 days??

Well, yesterday after campus, we celebrated our parents wedding anniversary, we had dinner at Shangrilla Hotel, and I basically was sooo tired and too sleepy to choose what to wear, and ended up looking like this..

I wore this satin colorful patterned top with my black Zara pants, paired with my custom made black velvet heels, black clutch from Ca tu Cak market, some accessories, and a GLASSES! I couldn't wear contact, my eyes were too tired due to computer radiation x(

but surprisingly, I enjoyed the dinner, and were dead asleep as soon we got back home ;)

Ugly Betty Inspired :)

I'm a HUGE fan of the series Ugly Betty, and even I love the character of Betty Suarez so much! and also, I'm CRAZY about her FASHION-STYLE!!

well, call me crazy, because although in the series, her style represents an unfashionable innocent-conservative-or even nerdy woman, but for me, her style is just undeniably BRILLIANT. Great colors and patterns mix-&-match, and lots of extraordinary vintage pieces that leaves me highly envious!!

the signature 'B' necklace, the polkadots shirt, the knitted vest, the glasses, and the smile
-Love them all!!!!-

America Ferrara as Betty Suarez
-she makes pattern mix&match wearable!-

and now, allow me to recreate the look.. 
with a little help from my new natalie ;)

sooo sorry for the sleepy look!! I didn't have proper sleeps in approximately two days because of mid-term assignments x(. Anyway, the puff-sleeved tee's from Zara TRF, the colorful knitted vest's from one of the online shopping from friendster *can't remember, oops!*, the shoes are Urs&inc, a custom-made necklace, and this vintage skirt..

the skirt's actually very precious for it's very comfy, and it's also a rare vintage pieces my mom got me from a secondhand stall in a mall nearby ;). I love the color, although it's a bit vague since sometimes it looks like grey, and sometimes it looks like navy blue.. either way, i love it :)

and here I go, 

brighter, bolder, BETTIER

it's ARRIVED!!

my first ever JANEVILLE bag!!! love love LOVE!!!!

I love Janeville collection, and have always wanted to have one but my shopping spree tend to be spent on other things (CLOTHES *yaayy!*).
I just love the concept of the bags, where they are made specifically for fashionable school/college/or even working women! the bags are always tote, functional, and easy to carry.. 

anyway, I browsed their website and I found this adorable bag from their spring/summer 2008 collection, it's 'natalie' type ('natalie lollipop blue' to be exact), and I was just soooo crazy with the idea of carrying such lovely bag to campus, so I ordered it!! -and it was on sale for 50% *yayy!!*

and now.. my Natalie's arrived!!!

the bag, and the case :)

do you recognize the stripes pattern?? yes, it's BATIK LURIK!! *brilliant!*

isn't she LOVELY?? and apparently, my Tyson loves her too ;)

I just could wait to carry it around, so I carried it to campus! -it was thursday morning, PUBLIC HOLIDAY, and I needed to go to campus to do assignments!-  anyway, here's my first outfit for my first janeville!

Zara TRF's 'little miss chatterbox' tee, Mango super comfy pants, Charles&keith sandals, and my Natalie Lollipop Blue!!

I'm soooo happy with my new bag, and I just can't wait to splurge on another one sometime soon!! :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Dresses..

"The dress must not hang on the body but follow it's lines.  It must accompany it's wearer and when a woman smiles the dress must smile with her."  
-Madeleine Vionnet-

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I Wore + Glasses

I seldom wear glasses, and when I do, i would pick an outfit that would suit the look (believe me, my glasses always make me look 10 years older when my face has actually look older than I should -I'm 19, and people always said that I look older than my 25 years old sister!!).

btw, the reason why I wore glasses today was because of my lack of sleep the night before, my eyes simply need to rest, and contact lenses are not the best option for such condition. 

And after some minutes of contemplation, I picked my outfit. It's actually more simple than my usual 'glasses look', maybe because it's almost springtime (so-called, since I live in the tropical area), so I'm dying to wear some colors and look as 'laid-back' as I can be..

a printed camisole paired with ivory embroidered bolero and a pair of vintage-washed TRF jeans. The bag's Ananas, and the flats are Charles&Keith.

This was actually the first tote I bought as a college students, I love the color, and most importantly, it's BIG, and very functional for a college student who has lots of assignments (sadly) like me x(..

Church Time: Classic Bohemian Time..

I went to Churh last Sunday wearing this ensemble..

The pics were taken at Ranch Market (Pondoh Indah) where my family and I had dinner afterwards :). We'd had dinner there the Sunday before, but it seems like we're addicted to the place and it's delicious fresh food (even right now, as i'm doing this post, I can still imagine the freshness of the delicious italian-dressing fresh salad). 

And apparently, the pics were also taken after we ate, and it explains the messy hair and the sleepy face in the pics ;). Btw, the knitted top's from Zara, the skirt's from Ca tu Cak market (Bangkok), the bag's Celine, and the shoes are Charles&keith. I'm also spotting these gorgeous vintage chandelier earrings I got from my bestie for my 19th birthday, LOVE it!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another QUICKIE!

My mom asked me to accompany her to her school for there's the school bazaar arranged by the students during the report cards handling day (it was last saturday).
She wanted me to take some journalistic photos for the event, and I was totally thrilled since I LOVE taking candid photos of people doing the kind of social activity.. 

The event started in the morning round 8'oclock, and my mom told me about the event on THAT 8'0clock, that's why I kinda needed to rush. I took a bath and just grabbed this very simple black cotton dress, paired with charles&keith bag and flip-flops. And since the weather is very HOT, I decided to pull my hair up, and wear this classic forever21 headband. 

and I just loveee the result..