Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warmer 80's and 90's Life with Leather, Plants, and LCD..

I realized that I've made such absurd blog title ;), but it's actually the compound description of what I wore today. A vintage t-shirt that states 'Livin in the 80's' (which is so ME!), paired with my mom's vintage 90's pants, a Hammer jacket for I've been a little sick and definitely need some warmth in such unfriendly weather, Ethnic bag (I believe it's rattan), and a pair of Andrew leather shoes, and alsoooo, don't forget my new DIY LCD NECKLACE!-which succeeded in making some scenes for lots people asked me what the hell was that.. some even mistaken it into flashdisk, or even MICROCHIP! *hahaha!*

Neways, these pair of Andrew shoes is probably one of my favourite, and I just couldn't help to take her pic :)

tried to capture the shoes, but ended up having another narcisistic scene ;)


  1. hi..
    i already went through the aurora jewelry,
    and that website is from the outside country right?
    actually my collection is more into fun shapes. like...ouw..try to visit www.divvyhippyyippy.multiply.com ;
    http://www.tattydevine.com/boutique/ ; and others.
    Do you know soubrette?

  2. the last photo is so cute kaaa . . i like your style . hehe :)

  3. @ringa dinga boing boing:
    nope, aurora is domestic :), one of the first ever online shop in indonesia, great stuffs, great quality, and 'to-die-for' affordable prices..

    check 'em out..

    i don't know soubrette, whats that?

    thx so much dear.. i do hope i look good on that pic ;)

  4. @ringa dinga boing boing:
    btw i do know about divvyhippyyippy for they have their own space on alun", but the collection i saw on the web is more interesting, so thx dear :)

  5. wah..brarti gw salah buka kyknya.hehe. yauda ah gw coba buka dulu.
    Soubrette itu accesories line designer indonesia tp udah go internasional jg,wkt hr mggu kmrn ada salenya..tp aku g bs dtg.hhuhu...