Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lucky Wednesday!

Here's a definite causality I wanna explain :

I'm a huge fan of tunic

also a huge fan of earthy color such as white or ivory

and also, 
a huge fan of ethnic stuffs


i've been looking for something that looks like


or this..

And look what I found when I was doing window shopping at Pondok Indah Mall today..

N.y.L.a beaded ivory tunic 


I found it,
and even, BETTER :D



  1. interesting :D

    but believe me, you could never be more ethnic than ME xP

  2. wow . that's cute :))

    *hope we can be friends

  3. ata : hahaha.. u bet bebbb.. we're going on different kind of 'ethnic', dont u think? ;)

    issye : yesss.. i love that tunic too :D. cant wait to wear it! of course we can be friends.. best regards dear :)