Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Color My World

I'm a huge Chicago's fan, but this post, aside of the fact that i use Chicago's song as it's title, has nothing to do with the ex-Peter Cetera's band *LOL*.

It was last Sunday. my mom, who was having a short vacation with my dad phoned me and asked me to do her a favor, and it was to be the judge of the 'Colouring Competition' she held in her school. There would be two judges, which was me, and the Principal of the school, which also had been my private art teacher few years back. 

It was a regional colouring competition for Kindergartens, and as for me, who love both art and kids, could be nothing but excited. :)

this little guy was super cute. he kept on telling the mentors that he had finished his coloring, when the result was, as you can see, 
nowhere near ;)

this girl was one of the representations of my mom's school, and she was soooo pretty!!! :D

and here are the winners :)
i made the right decision, didn't i? ;)

Neways, my old friend visited me on the venue, and she brought along her mini pomerian, Zara.

she didn't really like being photographed though ;)

The competition was held in the morning till afternoon, and i had a Church's mass to attend on 4.45. 
Here's what i wore to Church :)

random black tank, b.Y.S.I outer, colobox jeans, raiment shop necklace, Charles&Keith tote that i'd been carrying round for almost two weeks, and Andre Comfort sandals.

tried to snap some pics with my dog, but the attemps were no good ;)

well, have a good day everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

On My Own

The title of this post pretty much explains how i spent my Saturday night. watched the musical theater of one of my favourite musicals ever, Les Miserables, produced by the London School of Public Relation's theater club.

i must admit, i can be pretty much anti-social when it comes to several things. not that i literally am 'anti-social', but i just don't mind being alone. nevertheless, i met a friend at the auditorium, but she was with another group of friends and our seats were on different rows. and i wasn't able to take pics during the show, for i left my D40 in the car. i was so in a hurry due to my late arrival (i went into the auditorium in the middle of the song 'come to me') :(

i still had so much delights though. watching your favourite musical will always be nothing but splendid ;).

neways, i wore a random black dress, black tights, ZARA cardigan, and a random necklace.

i also want to debut one of my favourite pair of flats ever, black Calliope flats with soft green buckles. 

they are by far the loveliest pair of flats i own. i just love the way these sweeties fit on my feet :)

also managed to snap the flats alongside my sleepy puppy.

overall, just don't let 'a little fall of rain' blow your Sunday away. happy Sunday people! :)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion and Feminism

Dorothy E. Smith (1896-1990)

I did a review on Dorothy E. Smith round last week, and the thought of her still lingers on my mind until now. Dorothy E. Smith for me was one of the most amazing women of all time. She was a super-brilliant social-theorist, and she managed to break down the glass ceiling for women in the academic world, especially in knowledge productions in social sciences.  

Her achievement was nothing but real. Her name until now is highly mentioned in many theory books as a highly acclaimed social theorist, she's been defined as an acclaimed sociologist on the world of living scholars, where the thoughts and works of women usually defined as 'unimportant'.

One of the things that i adore about her thought is that she managed to proposed a strong criticism toward the patriarchies by simply giving a "You don't even know what you're talking about"-attitude. Smith, with her feminist perspective  had given a new standpoint in sociology both as a knowledge and as a practice.

I have so much awe toward the female sociologist that i began to think. "How about Fashion?". 

Fashion as a part of culture's definitely one of the area that was strongly pointed by Smith. Fashion, as well as the whole universal culture was built by the standpoint of males. So how about us? the mere consumer of fashion? 

Are we, as modern women, are still hegemonized by the dominant males standpoint? or we, women, are more critical toward the fashion industry? or even better, are we using fashion as the bold statement of "I'm  a Woman, I'm Independent and Unique, and I'm showing it to the world through the Outfit that I Single-handedly put together."

Anyways, talking about feminism. Yesterday, April 21 was the Kartini's Day. A day to celebrate the life of a bright woman who pioneered the women's emancipation movement here in Indonesia. My mom and i celebrated the day by putting on some Kebayas (traditional Indonesian women's outfit) with modern mix and match.

a random tank, Kebaya-inspired (x)sml by Biyan outer, and a random embroidered pink skirt 

and paired the whole outfit with these beautiful Calliope flats.

i had a good day indeed.

so for all, have a good day! embrace the woman in you, 
and HAPPY EARTH DAY! (April 22) :)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Lenny Agustin

Lenny Agustin is one of the youngest, freshest faces in Indonesian fashion universe. At a young age, she has succeeded in making her marks both nationally and internationally. And although she started her bright career as a bridal designer, she also managed to go to several directions, from bridal, traditional, to a hipper urban style with her second line 'LENNOR'.

Neways, here are some of her pieces that were showcased on last year's Japanese Fashion Week (March, 2009).

and here are the pics of the mastermind, taken by a young talented Indonesian photographer, Thoriq Ramadani.

And me myself actually had a special chance to meet her in person on last year's Jakarta Fashion Week. and she's more beautiful in the real life. such a friendly-lovely woman, and i just couldn't help to admire her more and more. here are the pics of me and the talented designer herself, with her breath-taking self-designed aquatic themed beaded dress.

more about Lenny Agustin, 
click here


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Originally Rhapsody

images from 'Female Daily Forum'

Irwan Tirta is one of the most acclaimed Indonesian designers. He, along with many other names, have been doing wonderful jobs in raising recognition toward Indonesian fashion, especially toward 'Batik', the traditional Indonesian fabric. 

I accidentally found these lovely images showcasing the all beautifully made couture by the designer himself, shot by the talented Indonesian photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina.

I just wanna share these inspiring photos, and the beauty of (may I proudly say) Indonesian fashion and culture with you all. hope you enjoy them as much as i do. :)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Join

a giveaway held by a super adorable 11 years old girl, Evita Nuh. she offers some of the cutest stuffs ever on her giveaway, but the scarf on that picture undoubtedly caught my eyes the most ;).
 you may join too, as she also needs help to decide wether to create a facebook fanpage/group or not.

wether you like to join the giveaway or not, please do check out her blog. this girl is one of a kind, i'm telling you ;)


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Gosh, can't believe it's been almost a year since my very last post. I've been so caught up with a lot of things and i couldn't seem to find the right time to blog. 

But i just miss blogging soooo much, and i miss sharing things through blogsphere with you guys, that's why, without further announcement, I'M BACK!

Neways, these are what i was wearing last Sunday, for lunch, movie, and Churh. A day of quality time with my parents :)

(x)sml top, vintage leggings from my mom, Only i 'COA' cardigan, Amante flats, a random necklace, and Charles&Keith tote. I'd just received the cardigan a day before and it was a love at the first sight. it was one of the best-looking cardigan I'd ever seen, designed by our wonderful local designer, Only i, by DiamondHurts.

i LOVE the back side of this goodie :D

and the flats are actually my mom's, but my mom and i share a lot of stuffs, especially footwears since we have the same size, lucky me ;)

all and all, just like Natalie Cole said, it's just "SO GOOD TO BE BACK".
Happy Monday people!