Sunday, April 5, 2009

Because We Can Can Can.. :D

Remember when I talked about bohemian revolution?? I found out that one of the signature of the era was the 'can can' girls when I watched (one of my favourite movie of all time) MOULIN ROUGE, and I just simply adore the concept of it ever since..

Christian (Ewan Mcgregor) and Satine (Nicole Kidman),
one of my favourite on screen couple ever!

Harold Zidler's Can Can Girls

Moulin Rouge also won oscars for 'Best Art Direction-Set Decoration' (Chaterine Martin for Art Director and Brigitte Broch for Set Decorator) and for 'Best Costume Design' (Chaterine Martine and Angus Strathie), and they DESERVE it! I love the their creation of a sexy flirty-yet classy look, which inspired my (so called) legendary sweet 17 dress (which I don't have the pic *a pity!*). 

Anyway, my mom surprised me by purchasing this eau de perfume for me, it's 'CAN CAN' by Paris Hilton.The smell of the perfume is basically a fun combination of floral, fruits, a touch of musk, or woods, like cinnamon or else. I can't really describe it since I'm not a fragrance master, but whatever it is, I just LOVE the smell, it's so flirty, fun, sexy, yet still classy, just like a can can girls should be.. :D

And now, not only I CAN get the look, I also CAN get the smell.. :D

-I'm not a fan of Paris Hilton, but I do adore her fragrances.. My favourite's 'Just Me', which I got for my 2007 Christmas present, but I lost the bottle months ago *so sad! :(*

-The first time I used the fragrance was last saturday, for my 4 months anniversary with my boyfriend, I wonder if he realized the smell ;)


  1. wangi donggg..
    (namanya jg 'minyak wangi'-hehehe)
    deskripsinya udah aku jabarin.. hihii..
    kamu coba cari deh beb, enak kok, aga flirty gt wanginya..