Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before Easter Eve

I had lunch and quality time at Burger&Grill, Bintaro with Ata and Anggi. We haven't met for such a longgggg time, and we had a very long conversation, a quality time indeed :)
(note: sooo sorry for the bad pics quality, I had some problems with my camera, that's why I can't post my 'Good Friday' outfit, I'll have it repaired a.s.a.p)

wearing this Gaudi white top, with vintage-washed shorts, Hanna tote, and Charles&Keith wedges.

We ate,

and some others ;)

well, gtg now, must get ready for the easter mass :D


  1. im proud of having a gf who always look so adorable, anytime, anywhere, with anything she wear :)

  2. enak nyoo makanan nyo! hehehe btw i love ur short beb. LUCUUU! missing those two others bebii!

  3. @putro : you are the sweetest thing my dear!! *kiss*

    @gastronomia : they're missin u too sweetheart!! how's ur easter?? celana itu warisan dr thn 90an beb,, hehehe..

  4. easter at home, doing some accounting exercises. I HAVE NO IDEA knp balance sheet ga balance2!

  5. @merily : which one? mine's is the grey one :)

    @gastronomia : hahaha.. brarti ada yg slh itung beb.. sedih emang kalo manual, pdhl kalo di excel bs balance sndiri.. hehehe..

  6. Ugh, gw kenal tu yang make baju putih.

  7. abu" kali..
    yg bajunya putih itu gw, hehehe..