Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Wore: Batik Lawas (Vintage Batik)

As most people know, I adore Batik and Vintage pieces. That's why, when those two elements are combined into one, the only thing I can do is go 'ga-ga'. Anyway, the thing's called 'Batik Lawas'.

The word 'lawas' is actually a Javanese languange, which means 'old'. So basically, a 'batik lawas' is a vintage batik fabric, wether it's secondhand or vintage-washed (we call it 'lawasan').

I have some batik lawas stuffs, and my recent purchase was this adorable skirt which I wore to campus today..

Paired it with Hammer tee, Gaudi Belt, rattan bag, Forever21 headband, and a pair of Charles&Keith wedges.

I'm going to Salatiga tomorrow due to the school obligation. 
I'll be staying there for 4 days, and during the time, there won't be any posting :(. 
I'll catch up soon after arriving..
In the mean time, I'm still doing some packing this and that,
sooooo gtg now :)
*see ya!*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warmer 80's and 90's Life with Leather, Plants, and LCD..

I realized that I've made such absurd blog title ;), but it's actually the compound description of what I wore today. A vintage t-shirt that states 'Livin in the 80's' (which is so ME!), paired with my mom's vintage 90's pants, a Hammer jacket for I've been a little sick and definitely need some warmth in such unfriendly weather, Ethnic bag (I believe it's rattan), and a pair of Andrew leather shoes, and alsoooo, don't forget my new DIY LCD NECKLACE!-which succeeded in making some scenes for lots people asked me what the hell was that.. some even mistaken it into flashdisk, or even MICROCHIP! *hahaha!*

Neways, these pair of Andrew shoes is probably one of my favourite, and I just couldn't help to take her pic :)

tried to capture the shoes, but ended up having another narcisistic scene ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday :)

First of all, my black&white oxford shoes I ordered from Mr.Freddy's arrived!!

and I just couldn't wait to wear these darlings, so I put on this ensemble and off shopping with my boyfriend :)

Zara oversized shirt, Topshop cardi, black legging, batik shawl, ethnic bag (bought it on Inacraft the other day *yaay!*), and Mr. Freddy shoes.

Went back home, doing some browsings, found this fabulous necklace from, and was inspired to create this DIY necklace. 
*thx to my brother who gave me this neglected broken LCD :)*

and then, tried on my new (x)sml man's pants (size IV) which I bought earlier today. 

Gosh, my boyfriend and I were practically in love with this pants. He was the one who insisted me to buy it when I was still dealing with hesitation due to the big size. (the only size that's available was a man's SIZE IV, when I'm a size II woman)
But then again, nothing can go wrong when you're in love. I tried the pants and we were mesmerized on how the size of the pants makes it even more unique, and also accentuate the details of the pants.

Talking about the details, I didn't manage to capture them here since I was the one who deliberately capturing the pics. I'll take some pics of them sometimes soon when I wear the pants..

But I managed to take pic of my newest hair.. :D
(although you may have seen it from previous pics)

well, maybe the difference is not so significant for I want to keep my hair long, but the lenght and the bangs are clearly different than the old one. And like I've said before, a Kate Hudson inspired :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pre-Birthday: Wishlist

Ok, since my birthday's just around the corner, I wanna do something that most soon-to-be-birthday-girls do.. Creating a WISHLIST! :D

But for the record, it's not that I ask my loved ones to buy these things, I just wanna show you guys, just what's on women's mind when it's near their birthday time.. -or may I say.. most of the times ;)-

Anyway, here's my so-called wishlist :), hope my boyfriend sees this *fingers crossed!*

Blue Manolo Blahnik Satin Shoes

Yes, this gorgeous lady is the one that appeared on SATC the movie, the one that's used by Mr. Big to propose Carrie. One of my favourite scene on the movie! Btw, due to the *ehem* price, I'll have this one custom made instead of purchasing the real thing ;)

Yves Saint Laurent Strappy Wedge Sandals

Gosh! I've been in love with this thing forever eversince I saw it on InTheOlsensCloset and OlsensAnonymous. Just SO IN LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I realize that I can't make this thing custom made for the strappy details and all, so I've been doing some window shopping and found the look-a-like in Zara. Not as pricy, but not THAT affordable too, unfortunately :'(

Anna Sui Embroidered Denim Jacket
 GOSHHH!!! How I love this gorgeous masterpiece!!! Look at those details!! I love the fact that Anna Sui always keep it fun for their designs and manage to create a look that's pretty, fun, daring and yet so wearable and timeless. And that's what this jacket's all about! I'm in love with this jacket, a love at the first sight when I saw it on an outlet nearby. I'll get my hands on the thing SOON! 

So, will I get these things for my birthday?? :)
*we'll see :)*

Quick Update..

I've Got a HAIRCUT!

a Kate Hudson inspired one..

*i'll post the pic soon ;)*

2 Different Greens, 2 Different Fridays..

Bali Shirt, washed denim skirt, Bruno Valenti sandals, Charles&Keith bag

green ethnic top, Et Cetera capri, Raiment Shop Necklace, Charles&Keith bag, Bruno Valenti sandals

*HAPPY EARTH DAY -April 22-*

On Kartini Day..

black embroidered ncim kebaya, Zara harem pants, charles and keith bag and sandals

"Let your inner lady out.."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

On How Writing Can be Similar with Style..

"I love my writings,
just like a mother loves her own children.
Love them, no matter how bad they are.
Love them for they came out after my deepest contemplation.
Love them for I put my revering thoughts and even loves in creating them.
Love them for they grow and developed simultaneously with me, and in so many ways reflect what kind of person I am is."

-Chikita Rosemarie-

Friday, April 17, 2009

1st Confession..

"I've got a thing for older guys.."

and the guy i've been crazy about recently is..


No offense guys, I just think that males are at the best stage (both physically and mentally) when they're on the age of 50's. The brains are sharpened, the charisma is alluring, and the hair.. I'm CRAZY about those silver/white-haired males!!! Gosh, I'm gerontophilic, and I don't care :D

Anyway, the thing with Giddens started when I was doing review for his theory of structuration, and during the time I found out that not only he stated a very fundamental view on modern society, he's also a very HANDSOME man.. Well, I'm not a huge 'fan' of the theory of structuration (like I always say, I'm still holding on to the classic weberian idea of verstehen and all), but admiring his charisma is not taboo, right?! ;)

nb: Giddens was born in January 1938, such a nice appearance for such an age don't you think??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Color Purple!

Decided to wear colors today, 
and it was PURPLE!

(Fashionlicius layered cotton dress, Tokai flats, Janeville natalie bag)

Definitely! my most favorite color of all time :D
*made my day*

CROPPED Batik Shirt

(batik cropped shirt, grey tee, East India zipper Jeans, Charles&Keith gladiator flats and bag, ethnic necklace)

and I off to campus :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hectic and Sarcastic..

Easter sunday, and I was rushing to finish my article for the 55th edition Newsletter of Lantan Bentala (the environmental NGO that I'm currently in), while my family were waiting impatiently downstairs for we supposed to have a family movie day. Finally, I finished my article, but I still needed to get dressed, quickly! So, without thinking I put on this ensemble, and walked out the door ;)..

Jus'D'Orange Harem Pants, (x)sml man's tee, Topshop cardi, neckace from Rae, Charles&Keith tote, custom made black velvet heels

Anyway, I watched Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D, and I LAUGHED A LOT!! I lovee sarcastic jokes, and this animated movie truly offers me that! I love how all actors developed the characters very well, and how remarkably amusing the whole production is.. Rob Letterman and Conrad Vernon are simply GENIUSES!! I believe even Al Gore would laugh watching this movie! (there's my one favorite dialogue between the monsters about 'the earth getting warmer', and it's soooo funny!!).

my sister and I in 3D glasses

*HIGHLY recommended!!*

Note: I haven't had my camera repaired, so all the pics are taken with my cellphone :(, I have my D40 but I was too in a rush so I couldn't take any pics with it..

Easter in Pants..

Most people associate Christian religious events with feminine outfit such as skirts and dresses. But since I had worn skirt (saroong ;) ) for White Thursday and dress for Good Friday, I decided to wear something different for Easter Eve. And due to the very crowded Church, I really wanted to wear something comfy, so I chose.. PANTS!

I believe that women don't have to put on dresses or skirts to show some delicacy. As long as we're able to do mix-and-match, our simple formal pants can look pretty too :D. Just like I did yesterday..

The Executive pants, N.y.L.a tunic, Guess clutch, Charles&Keith sandals, Forever21 headband, and Pernak-Pernik earrings..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Late Update: Good Friday Outfit..

Remember what I told you before about my 'broken camera'? Well, apparently, my old little pentax couldn't be saved *hiks!*, but the memory card could! so here we have, my outfit for Good Friday :D

Black and white floral SisterShop maxi dress, black batwing Fashionlicious cardi, Guess animal-printed Clutch, and Noveou silver stilettos.

Noveou is one of the best destination for any kind of pretty shoes/sandals, and these silver pair is simply one of my favourite heels I've got so far! They just magically attached to my feet, love them!

aren't they gorgeous! :D

Note to MISS. L

three of us miss u sooo bad!! 
wish you were here too with us :)
and happy easter!!

Before Easter Eve

I had lunch and quality time at Burger&Grill, Bintaro with Ata and Anggi. We haven't met for such a longgggg time, and we had a very long conversation, a quality time indeed :)
(note: sooo sorry for the bad pics quality, I had some problems with my camera, that's why I can't post my 'Good Friday' outfit, I'll have it repaired a.s.a.p)

wearing this Gaudi white top, with vintage-washed shorts, Hanna tote, and Charles&Keith wedges.

We ate,

and some others ;)

well, gtg now, must get ready for the easter mass :D