Monday, June 29, 2009

Reunion! :D

One of the best thing to do on a Saturday night is having a reunion, and I did it! Last Saturday! With my ex-music school mates! I love all of them sooo much, they're like my second family. We used to see each other everyday back in our 'musical days', and we were separated ever since some of us (including me >.< ) went to college. 

We haven't met each others for such a long time, and I was amazed on how we're still bonded, just like the way we were on the good old days :).

Blue was the color of the night 
(and it wasn't even our dresscode!)

Little Keiko (our manager's little daughter) was there too!!

She's just the cutest thing!! We love her sooo much!!

And the boyfriends, they are part of the family now :)

and so does my boyfriend! :D

that's all for tonight,
ciao everyone :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saturday, Having Gourmet in a Garage

It was last Saturday, we all gathered at Gourmet Garage, having a very nice quality time with friends and Putri's family. We had dinner, and were just chattering around and enjoying some great meals.

Salmon & Spinach Quiche

Spaghetti Carbonara

Carrot Cake, my favourite :)

Putri's Parents

with the kids :)

After the great dinner. Putri's parents went home with the younger kids. And we stayed for another couple of hours, enjoying some wine, and this time, having a friends quality time. The girls also took some time, taking photos in the ladies room ;)

our shoes..

Niqe, and her fabulous bootie

Putri, with her jumpsuit

Naomi (Niqe's lil' sister), 
looking so pretty with her denim skirt and animal-printed scarf

wearing a Mphosis tank, Noir sur Blanc cashmere cardigan, Zara TRF jeans, and a pair of custom made heels

Naomi took a photo of three of us

Today I'm going to go shopping with my Mom, a Mother-Daughter quality time. So, what are you guys doing today? Hopefully you'll have some wonderful times,
cheers!! :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Sudden Friday Night

Last Friday, my Mom asked me to accompany her, getting her medical treatment. So I put on some simple outfit, a Zara tee (one of my favourite, a 100% organic cotton tee *wink*), TheoryX bermuda shorts, a pair of Charles&Keith wedges, and a Celine bag. 

After she had her medical treatment done. We had lunch at Pancious, and went home. At the time when we got home, it was near evening. I was about to take off my clothes and put on a nightgown when my friend, Putri, called. She wanted me to accompany her having some meals in the cafe nearby. I asked for my Mom's permission and she said okay. So I put on a matching shawl (for it was a bit cold at that night), Putri picked me up, and we had a girls friday night out just for two ;)

We had so much fun chattering, and playing around with my D40, creating some manual effects on the images, and we just LOVE the results! :D

accompanied by some bottles of sparkling water

and some calamaris

and that's just how we had fun :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breakfast Adornments

I'm a huge fan of the blog 'absolutely beautiful things' by Anna Spiro, and one day when I was doing blogwalking throughout the blog, I found another gorgeous blog. It's 'simply breakfast' by an awesomely talented photographer, Jennifer Causey. This blog displays some photograph of breakfast meals, and it's simply breathtaking for she does a great job in finding the best angles and photograpic compositions to create such living images drawn by simple breakfast meals. I just love the blog, and eagerly want to share it with you guys. Here are some images taken from the blog.

and this is the book of Jennifer Causey's photographs

check out the blog here

looking at these images really reminds me of  how long I haven't been cooking for my boyfriend.  I usually cook  some meals for him to eat in campus, and I haven't done such thing since it's holiday already. I guess I'll do it sometimes soon ;)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Photoshoot, June-17-2009

A few days ago, one of my girl, Livia was celebrating her birthday, the 20th one. She's currently in the US, but my boyfriend and I wanted to give her something special. So we decided to make a very special photograph and tag it to her facebook profile on her birthday.

The idea was pretty simple. We took our photos, holding a piece of paper with the words 'Happy' and 'Birthday', holding a cupcake lit by two candles that represent the decade of her age, and wearing an extravagant mask that represents her fabulous personality. I chose cupcake, for I often use the word 'cupcake' to call her ;)

The thing with the paper turned out to be a lot easier, and the thing with the cupcake was quiet an effort. 

some poses I stroke..

The wind blew off the candles.. 

wearing a N.y.L.a tunic, body&soul shorts, and a pair of Charles&keith wedges.

And we ended up eating the cake ;)

and here's the result..


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forget the Monday Blues

Last Monday, I can say that I had one of the best Monday ever for the last couple of months. I met up with my friends (my girlssss!! miss them soooo much!!), ate some great food, and watched great movie (we watched 'Drag Me to Hell', a highly recommended!).

First stop that day, Ata and I went to Dairy Queen to get some Blizzards. She had been craving for them for such a long time (she couldn't get it in Bandung). She had her Oreo-Mint, and I had my Green tea-Choco crumb.

Oh, what a happy face ;)

We met up with the others afterwards and went to Sushi Tei. At that time, my girl, Putri was craving for sushi ;)

We watched the movie, and went to Heavenly Blush. Again, my dear Putri was craving for Frozen Yoghurt ;). 
We had a great time there, chattering about the movie, share some stories here and there, and even discuss some recent issues. 

Ata and her simple bohemian look

Niqe and her to-die-for top. love the color!

The couples,

Niqe & Ade

Putri & Kochin

look at her fabulous legging!

The girls, they all looked fabulous! adore them!!

and some last snaps before headed back to my car ;)

Mphosis tee, Grey vest from ITC Depok, Shorts from Ca tu Cak Market (Bangkok), Charles&Keith bag, and Mustafa shoes.