Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let's Start the 'Busy' Week..

Ok, we're now entering the 'Easter's Week', one of the 'busiest' week for Catholics out there *haha!*, and today was the 'Palm Sunday', so I really wanted tp wear bright color to the Church. I picked this N.y.L.a red batik top, paired it with my Zara pants, and Charles&Keith bag and sandals. Here're some pics I took just before we off to Church..

I tried to pose with one of the Palm Leaf that we brought to Church today, but it's just not working, don't you think? ;)

After Church, we went to Bintaro Junction's to take a look at the stuffs, and went to Allure Cafe to have lunch..


The food I ordered...

Beef Lasagna

Sirloin Steak

Classic Banana Split

And for those who wonder why I put two main courses, I DID eat two meals! and apparently my stomach still had some space for dessert: banana split (this time I shared with my sister). I'm a little crazy, I know, but believe me, my appetite is approximately 2-3 times bigger than most girls ;)


  1. classic banananya MINTA AMPUNNN!! btw kok lasagna nya bgtu beb?agak beda

  2. iyah, lasagnanya tipis beb.. cuma 19rb,, hhihihi..

    banana splitnya fotonya emang menggoda.. tp standar kok rasanya, hehehe..