Thursday, April 9, 2009

Traditional Last Supper..

Today's the 'White Thursday', one of the part of the 'Easter's Week' where Catholics celebrate 'the Last Supper'. My family and I attended the mass, and the Church was simply CROWDED! My Church building's a HUGE 3 stories building, and apparently, the people still needed to be seated outside due to the full room. My family sat separatedly, I was with my sister inside, and my parents with my brother chose to sat outside for they couldn't stand the lack of air inside the room (too much people, indeed!). But after all, the mass went very well and solemnly, and I just couldn't wait for tomorrow's Good Friday :).

 and here's what I wore to the Church..

I was using self-timer, but my dad was in the way, and the rest of the pics were captured by him :)

Knitted Top - Zara
Batik Saroong
Belt - Gaudi
Shoes - Everbest
Tweed Clutch - from my brother :)

We also had supper after the mass, we ate scrumptious Padang Food in Garuda, *LOVE*

definitely not 'the last supper' for us ;)

note :
I almost forgot, today was also the legislative election day, let's show our aspirations and pray for the best for the country :)


  1. hi! have just stumbled upon your blog! you pulled the batik sarong so well. love it!
    happy good friday dear
    visit me back if you have the time :)


  2. thx dear,, i'm glad you like it :)

    i'll definitely visit u back :D

  3. hi,chikita! blogwalker here. hehehh.
    love ur batik sarong,girl ;) nice to know ya!