Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hectic and Sarcastic..

Easter sunday, and I was rushing to finish my article for the 55th edition Newsletter of Lantan Bentala (the environmental NGO that I'm currently in), while my family were waiting impatiently downstairs for we supposed to have a family movie day. Finally, I finished my article, but I still needed to get dressed, quickly! So, without thinking I put on this ensemble, and walked out the door ;)..

Jus'D'Orange Harem Pants, (x)sml man's tee, Topshop cardi, neckace from Rae, Charles&Keith tote, custom made black velvet heels

Anyway, I watched Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D, and I LAUGHED A LOT!! I lovee sarcastic jokes, and this animated movie truly offers me that! I love how all actors developed the characters very well, and how remarkably amusing the whole production is.. Rob Letterman and Conrad Vernon are simply GENIUSES!! I believe even Al Gore would laugh watching this movie! (there's my one favorite dialogue between the monsters about 'the earth getting warmer', and it's soooo funny!!).

my sister and I in 3D glasses

*HIGHLY recommended!!*

Note: I haven't had my camera repaired, so all the pics are taken with my cellphone :(, I have my D40 but I was too in a rush so I couldn't take any pics with it..


  1. i watched monster vs aliens!
    and it hilarious! but i thought kungfu panda still top that,
    (they had a same director i believe)

    your outfit is totally cool!

    check my blog please

  2. waw. love your outfit Kak! xD
    wanna watch monster vs aliens 3D too.. :(

  3. @ neida: kungfu panda is hilarious too!! but i prefer monsters vs aliens, the jokes and the free imagination are more 'me', hahaha!
    btw, you have a cool blog too! :)

    @ putri erdisa : thx dear, i hate the fact that the pic isn't so good :(, you should watch it, stress-relieving :)