Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today in Ethnicity Study Class I got informed by my lecturer that there will be this 'South-East Asian Studies' Class that will be opened around April-May that will feature BENEDICT ANDERSON! As most young sociology majors out there, I'm completely THRILLED to enroll the class, I WANNA MEET THE LEGENDARY BEN ANDERSON!! Right now, I'm preparing myself, to be mentally ready before enrolling, I DO need to open my history books all over again, do some reading here and there (gee, no one wants to look like a complete fool in front of such legendary figure!). *wonder what kind of outfit that I should wear ;)*

Anyway, today I was wearing a Man's JavaJazz Festival 2009 white tee (size L), black Zara pants, Cotton.Ink fringe turbular shawl, Charles&Keith flats and bag..

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  1. oh thank yoooou for linked me between those fabulous people!
    smooch! :*
    anyway, actually you don't look like an indonesian on your profile pic, i thought you are asian or what. lol. :D
    and thanks for the advice on making DIY. you're amazing as well! :D