Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pre-Birthday: Wishlist

Ok, since my birthday's just around the corner, I wanna do something that most soon-to-be-birthday-girls do.. Creating a WISHLIST! :D

But for the record, it's not that I ask my loved ones to buy these things, I just wanna show you guys, just what's on women's mind when it's near their birthday time.. -or may I say.. most of the times ;)-

Anyway, here's my so-called wishlist :), hope my boyfriend sees this *fingers crossed!*

Blue Manolo Blahnik Satin Shoes

Yes, this gorgeous lady is the one that appeared on SATC the movie, the one that's used by Mr. Big to propose Carrie. One of my favourite scene on the movie! Btw, due to the *ehem* price, I'll have this one custom made instead of purchasing the real thing ;)

Yves Saint Laurent Strappy Wedge Sandals

Gosh! I've been in love with this thing forever eversince I saw it on InTheOlsensCloset and OlsensAnonymous. Just SO IN LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I realize that I can't make this thing custom made for the strappy details and all, so I've been doing some window shopping and found the look-a-like in Zara. Not as pricy, but not THAT affordable too, unfortunately :'(

Anna Sui Embroidered Denim Jacket
 GOSHHH!!! How I love this gorgeous masterpiece!!! Look at those details!! I love the fact that Anna Sui always keep it fun for their designs and manage to create a look that's pretty, fun, daring and yet so wearable and timeless. And that's what this jacket's all about! I'm in love with this jacket, a love at the first sight when I saw it on an outlet nearby. I'll get my hands on the thing SOON! 

So, will I get these things for my birthday?? :)
*we'll see :)*


  1. hopefully you can reach your dreams

  2. thx sooo much :D

    i do hope so!!

    well, im not hoping for the real branded things, but i want something that slightly similar to those things..

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  3. blue blahnik nya so upper east side! duh kasian beb sm om gendut kl wishlist kamu kaya gitu smua. bisa bisa nanti jd om kurus. hehehe. (peace yah om gendut!)

  4. bahhhh bahkan gue ada birthday wishlist post pending di blog. gajadi mau ngpost ah. :P

  5. yeah.. we realy the same tauruses and "ulars". that's why (may be) we have such a similiarity concern in fashion.
    Happee birthday