Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Not Even Saturday Night

yep, it's not even Saturday night, and it was actually in the middle of my final, but my friends and I were gathered and went out..

1st stop, 
dinner at 'Gourmet Garage'

2nd stop, 
having some drinks at our favourite place, 'Vino Wine Bar'

my girl, Livia (aka Miss.L; gastronomia) looking gorgeous in her TopShop military jacket and her new pointed shoes :)

and me,

I was a bit tired for I was in campus earlier, dealing with the finals. I didn't manage to come home or change my attire, so that explains my crappy look ;)
wearing an (x)sml shirt, Zara pants, Charles&Keith clutch, and these pair of vintage-inspired shoes I bought in Pasar Baru.

but all and all, we had SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! 

note to my Miss.L : 
I had so much fun indeed, never had a dull moment with you.. I'll miss you, and good luck always wherever you go, whatever you do :)
mucha loves,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cats and Chanel Tote

p.s. i miss my cat, she's in my boyfriend's house :'(

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chain and Leopard..

not much to write.. still working on some papers..
due TODAY!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thanks God I've Got My BF ;)

Yesterday, I went to my boyfriend's house to do one of my papers. He agreed to help me, for I also helped him doing his ;). I chose his house for I can't concentrate doing my paper in my own house (with those wi-fi connections, my bed, and all? hell no!), I didn't wanna do it in campus either, since the library was too crowded (even it was crowded last Saturday!). 

and I had a good time, his mom cooked for me, and I managed to finish one of the important chapter, yayyyy! :D

wearing this Gaudi flower blouse, Colorbox jeans, vintage denim jacket (I've been having this jacket since elementary school i believe!), and shoes from Mustafa (Singapore), they are actually a birthday gift from Miss. L (yes, she's in TOWN!!).

I was also carrying my Ananas bag, and it was soooo heavy! I guess that's the downside of having such huge bag, you'll have a certain tendency of throwing all the stuffs there. But it's so functional though :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yesterday, All My Papers Seemed so Far Away.. ;)

I was in campus yesterday, doing one of my article about elders issues, and having a group meeting for my 'Rural Sociology' final paper. Wearing this Escrava 90's dress (it was my mom's!), knitted shawl from Ca Tu Cak market (Bangkok, Thailand), Charles&Keith bag, and Ripcurl flip-flops.

and today, on such saturday morning,
 i'm going to campus again.. working for my other papers ..
so, see ya guys, and hello library! ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Kind of Summer..

calling my girls, make sure they are all safely in town..

spending times with them, looking fabulous.. 

from brunch, lunch, to dinner 
 or just chilling out with the preffered glass of cocktails in hands..

from the street to the beach, 
the city's number one restaurants to little coffeeshops nearby,
or just simply
in each other's houses..

and after all has done,
I'll be back to the arms of my man :)

it's just my kind of summer :)

Don't You Just Love Them as Much as I do?

Vintage Red Suede Leather Shoes 
Stuart Weitzman Womens

purchase the real thing on etsy
*I'll have them custom-made instead*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is it..

Finals, too many assignments, too many papers, too many writings to be done, too much preassure! But somehow it gives you a little inspiration to dress more playfully. Add some colors, and just enjoy the ride ;). 

Wearing a Giordano white man's tee, Korean-inspired knitted vest, DIY denim skirt, DIY LCD necklace, Misschic oxford flats, and this adorable orange bag from Vietnam.

I guess my finals also give me some sort of inspirations, I'm writting again! :D
check it out on the 'CAUSALITY' section..
-it's written in Indonesian though :(-

Monday, May 18, 2009

Leighton Meester (I just can't get my eyes off those prints!)

"I actually find Blair na├»ve. I look at young girls like her who are obsessed with guys and with being the most popular and the prettiest, and I just want to shake them. Maybe you just grow up a little faster when you’re a young performer, but I was definitely never like that."

"Not at all. If anything, it’s the opposite. Her style is a little expensive for my taste, but it loudly communicates that she is who she is and that she does what she does. I find that admirable. And she’s always dressed appropriately, which I can’t always say about myself."