Sunday, April 5, 2009

4 Months Anniversary Lunch: a review ;)

Like I've said from the last post, last Saturday was the date of my 4 months anniversary with my boyfriend, we celebrated it by going out all day and had lunch in this adorable cafe called 'Kedai', which located at Jl. Kemang Raya no.89, Kemang, South Jakarta.

We were just IN LOVE with the place as soon as we opened the door and walked in, a warm-cozy feeling that created by the fun ambience of the vintage stuffs that decorated this one of a kind place. I found one great review from 'Poetic Home' about the place, which I TOTALLY AGREE with.. I'm showing one of the adorable pic of the cafe I got from the page, while you can read the review and see the other pics HERE.

We sat here! *frankly*

Moreover, we also LOVE the food. They're just unique (most of them are Indonesian cuisine-with a twist), affordable, and HEALTHY (absolutely without additives or MSG)! Here are the pics of the meals we ordered..

Teh Sekawan
A pitcher of assorted tea, we can choose the flavor and wether we like it 'hot' or 'iced'

Bakwan Kemarau
Assorted Bakwan with Nut Dressing 

Ayam Segerr
Boiled Chicken marinated with basil leaves, green tomatoes, and herbs which makes it tastes freshly sour 
*love love love!*

We adore the place and the food, and will definitely come back :D
*highly recommended*

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