Monday, May 17, 2010

Future Home

So sorry for the lack of post guys, i've been so busy lately dealing with academic thingies (finals are just around the corner, in fact i've just finished my first exam today), some student body activities, and some works relating on the environmental foundation i'm in, while on the other hand, i actually have a lot to share, from some events i attended weeks earlier and from my BIRTHDAY!! -mine was on May 8 :)

Neways, here are some things i (badly) want for my house, or even better, my 'future' house ;)

1. a stylish huge bookshelf,

i badly need this one, my books are scattered all round

2. a 70s inspired stuhl,

two words,

3. a sewing corner,

i must admit, i can't sew, but a sewing corner with a cute sewing machine is a must for a vintage inspired home. and frankly, i believe it can also motivate me into learning how to sew *LOL*

4. a pastel-colored kitchen wall,

a boring white kitchen wall can be pesky sometimes

5. a nice kitchen cabinet,

it's a must ;)

images from desire to inspire

another posts, including outfit posts will be up soon after finals.
in the mean time, take care! :)