Friday, April 17, 2009

1st Confession..

"I've got a thing for older guys.."

and the guy i've been crazy about recently is..


No offense guys, I just think that males are at the best stage (both physically and mentally) when they're on the age of 50's. The brains are sharpened, the charisma is alluring, and the hair.. I'm CRAZY about those silver/white-haired males!!! Gosh, I'm gerontophilic, and I don't care :D

Anyway, the thing with Giddens started when I was doing review for his theory of structuration, and during the time I found out that not only he stated a very fundamental view on modern society, he's also a very HANDSOME man.. Well, I'm not a huge 'fan' of the theory of structuration (like I always say, I'm still holding on to the classic weberian idea of verstehen and all), but admiring his charisma is not taboo, right?! ;)

nb: Giddens was born in January 1938, such a nice appearance for such an age don't you think??

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