Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to the Urban Life..

Like I've said on my latest post, I was staying in Salatiga for 4 days due to school obligation. I was doing this field research in a village called 'Cuntel'. The village was a gorgeous agricultural spot near Merbabu mountain with such uniqueness that mesmerized anyone who comes to that place. I was practically in love with that place, but sadly, after 4 days of awesome stays, I went home to Jakarta, and greeted the urban life again.. :)

My college life, for example, has started normally again. Frankly, another academical day always means another form of outfit ensemble. So today, I wore a plain white Bossini tee, paired with vintage washed Jeans, an ethnic India silk shawl, Palomino quilted bag, and a pair of Misschic oxford flats.

Anyway, after class, my boyfriend and I went to a department store nearby to buy a birthday present for my bestie, Ata.

We picked a gorgeous stuff that I believe will fit perfectly for her-I can't tell what's that here ;), and we also found this awesome pair of Chrysalis heels that I purchased afterwards..

I was so thrilled with my new pair of heels and I just couldn't help to take pics as soon as I got home :D

The pics above are the pics taken when I tried on the shoes in my house. I actually went to campus wearing these Misschic oxford flats, which I love a lot too :)

very classic, yet soooo comfy! just perfect for campus!


  1. BEB DI TOKO DEKET KOST GUE ADA OXFORDS KAYAK GITU PERSIS! and i was in a huge dilemma whether to buy it or not, since it's in my size.

    now i know i shouldn't.


  2. hahahaha.. we're always mystical yah nampaknya!!!

    ga tau deh thats a good sign or not ;)

    neways,, i do hope u'll like my present bebb :D

  3. ahahah..tau gak aku lg mesen spatu itu sama persis di misschic,tp wrn silver, dan...luamaaaaaa bgt jdnya.Ini aj blm nyampe.
    Alasannya? data gw ilang di misschic,jd g tau klo gw udah DP.
    huuh.. :P

  4. Hey chikita, i checked out ur profile after the birthday greetings thingy anyways, u look SO SKINNY!!! :)

    intan akuntansi 2006

  5. hey thx tan for dropping by.. :D

    and i admit i do look skinny in the pic, and i hope i do look like that in the real life ;)

  6. I think u do chiki... :)

    Even though I've never seen u. ;)