Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I Wore + Glasses

I seldom wear glasses, and when I do, i would pick an outfit that would suit the look (believe me, my glasses always make me look 10 years older when my face has actually look older than I should -I'm 19, and people always said that I look older than my 25 years old sister!!).

btw, the reason why I wore glasses today was because of my lack of sleep the night before, my eyes simply need to rest, and contact lenses are not the best option for such condition. 

And after some minutes of contemplation, I picked my outfit. It's actually more simple than my usual 'glasses look', maybe because it's almost springtime (so-called, since I live in the tropical area), so I'm dying to wear some colors and look as 'laid-back' as I can be..

a printed camisole paired with ivory embroidered bolero and a pair of vintage-washed TRF jeans. The bag's Ananas, and the flats are Charles&Keith.

This was actually the first tote I bought as a college students, I love the color, and most importantly, it's BIG, and very functional for a college student who has lots of assignments (sadly) like me x(..

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