Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is What I Call : Quickie!

The need of doing 'quickie' is increased rapidly nowadays, for there are some push factors :
1. The weather has been very unfriendly, and it's BURNING HOT most of the times
2. The effects of lots lots lots of assignments, of having a facebook account, and of doing midnight conversation with my boyfriend causing the 'wake up late' phenomena ;)

Based on the two factors, I need to create a 'quickie' ensemble, and here is the result.. 

a super comfy mono-colored loose shirt paired with a pair of vintage jeans, with some splash of colors from the scarf, bag, and shoes..

The shirt is actually a Man's Shirt ;), the jeans are from Colorbox, scarf from Cipadu Market, bag from Ca Tu Cak Market (Bangkok, Thailand), and the super cute shoes are ADIDAS GRUN.
It's quick, comfy, and somehow stylish :), and I can go to campus in such relieve knowing I won't be late just because of the silly morning mix and matching activity ;).

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