Saturday, March 28, 2009

There's a New Brand in Town *yaayy!*

and it's called COTTON.INK 

formed by Carline Darjanto & Ria Sarwono. a brand accentuate the three fashion philosophy: affordable, comfortable, STYLISH!

all the stuffs are made from cotton which always have causality relation with 'comfortable'. the designs are original and very urban, which also very 'stylish'. and you can check out their blog, to find out how 'affordable' the stuffs are!! 

the tagline of the brand is 'we are a small brand with huge dream'
well, dream HUGE guys, cause I believe that's what you'll be! :D

-i personally ordered two great affordable shawls from them yesterday, but haven't done my payment.. *I'll do it today ;)*

1 comment:

  1. interestingly enough, i've been looking for a new stylish, cheap indonesian brand that supports delivery :D hahahah you post this at the right time! ;)