Sunday, March 29, 2009

Style Contemplation from Ethnicity Study :)

I was working on my mid-term assignments for the 'Ethnicity study' class, and the thing I'd been doing was this essay about 'United Kingdom'. I stayed up late, working to analyze the subject, and I did a lot of reading too, and during the time, I remembered something very interesting that I just can't wait to put on to this blog.

I love history, I always do :), and when you're talking about European history, especially UK, you'll think about this one thing, and it's INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. And as for me, when talking about this one thing, there'll always another one thing that comes out in my mind, and it's one of the greatest literature masterpieces written by Charles Dickens, OLIVER TWIST..

I'm a huge fan of the book, the play, and the movies, and I go gaga everytime I talk about the FASHION!! 

There are some styles I captured from Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist (2005), which is the newest version of the movie, and which is also my favourite (unfortunately, it didn't reach success on the academy :( ). Most people said that this Roman Polanski version is too dark and gloomy, but I found it very profound and artistic, Polanski's style (remember, 'The Pianist??). 

Barney Clark did a marvelous job in building the character of Oliver, and I also love the character of Fagin played by Ben Kingsley. The dark and gloomy feeling of the movie really represents the era (which was during the Industrial Revolution in 19th century), cause no offense, the play 'Oliver!' is definitely artistic and undeniably amusing, but for Oliver Twist, I kinda prefer the more realistic version, which is Polanski's. 

And somehow, the wardrobe department also did the very good job in capturing the style,

take a look.. :)

who doesn't love the dark feeling of the old London town??

Barney Clark as Oliver, even from this pic we can tell that he plays brilliantly!

don't you just love the knitted vintage shawl?? the way he wears it, and the jacket that matches it??

Oliver and Fagin (played by Ben Kingsley)
the oversized shirt paired with a loose vest, just perfect!

the very cool, Fagin Gang

Charley Bates (Lewis Chase), Oliver, & The Artful Dodger (Harry Eden)
just LOVEEE the whole ensemble! 
the jackets, the vests, the hats, the worn out shoes, the pants, the scarfs..
*going crazy!*

another pics of Oliver and Artful Dodger, just can't get enough of them :)

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