Monday, March 23, 2009

Edge for WEDGE!

I usually call myself a BAG-fetish, but lately, my passion are more to SHOES!
sorry bags, but since I now have a boyfriend that's physically TALLER than me, I'm now able to wear lots lots lots of different kind of shoes, especially HEELS! and lately, I'm kinda having and edge for wedge..

I love these 1930's Salvatore Ferragamo's masterpieces*, for they're more comfy than any other heels, and it gives a different kind of edge into our footwears. they're more simple than stilettos but on the other hand they wrap our feet in such way and make them look edgy yet sweet, especially when they come in earthy pastel colors such as brown, nude, white, and so on. 

Here are some styles of wedges that I'm eager to have!

from this very simple Net-A-Porter

Nine West

Cynthia Vincent Luella

or the edgier version by.. 

Sigerson Morrison

Opening Ceremony

Ohh.. I WANT! and can't wait for my next month's shopping spree! :D

*some says that wedges are invented by Salvatore Ferragamo during the 1930's era, inspired by the Italian Renaissance. -i might worship him for this!