Monday, March 30, 2009

Lazy Monday

Yesterday was just another lazy day.. I stayed at home, dealing with my period x(, and basically did nothing, and was being very unproductive.. (I didn't even work on a blogpost, wether in here, or on my other blog). 

Anyway, I was scrolling at home, I watched 'Definitely Maybe' on HBO (which I actually very like), ate salad, and went back to my baby Mika (my laptop), Facebooking, anddddd ONLINE SHOPPING!!

Maaannn.. I'm currently having this HUGE urge to SHOP!! since I didn't do it so much last month due to my damn heavily raining assignments *dooh!*. And I badly need it, BADLY! I miss the smell of the store, the thrill when I pick the rite stuffs, and simply the 'ga ga' feeling whenever I see the good stuffs :). 

And anyhow, I browsed on my old friendster account, and searched for the online shopping account that I used to order from, and I ended up ordering this gorgeous shoes from Misschic, and a lot of stuffs from Fashionlicious. I've also done some browsing on Bloopendorse and found this very cute pair of shoes. I ordered it but it's not yet confirmed x(, I hope it will soon..

And that was my lazy Monday, I hope you guys had a better one, and I do hope I can go out there and do a 'real' shopping, SOON!

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