Monday, March 30, 2009

Safe Disco

I was invited to my friend's sweet 17 birthday party last saturday, and like other sweet 17 bash, it required a dresscode, and it was 'DISCO'. I was actually a little bit confused since there are so many meaning of 'disco' itself,  and the styles are practically different depend on the era. 

The 60's era:
This was the era of disco soul, and the style is more like 'dreamgirls' inspired, fancy fabric and fancy accesories are MUST!

The 70's era:
The music was still inspired by the soul but it's more mild, the disco style is basically similar to what we see on the movie 'Saturday Night Fever', which look like this. 

fancy shirt and shoes for guys, and fancy dresses and earrings for girls

The 80's era: 
The 'fashion crime' era, where the music was fine, and the fashion was all over the place, lots of colors, big hair, big accessories, big big big! It's not about fancy, but FLASHY! -in an over the top kind of way :)

So, based on my notions about the styles, I personally picked something that's more safe (since I'm a bit old compared to those 17 years old crowd, and I didn't want to go out there looking over the top or even too much). Well, basically I came out with something that's more 'me'..

Edie Sedgwick, 1967

The Edie Sedgwick inspired ensemble, represents the 60's era in a more simple way, which was the late 60's. I wore this leopard print gold tunic, brown tights, Next's vintage oxford heels, my mom's vintage earrings, and Charles&Keith tote. I also accentuate the eyes area with dark brown and orange smokey shadow.

And the party went..

The super Gorgeous Birthday Girl, Nastiti Prawitasari. 
she wore this gorgeous silver beaded dress with the puffy skirt, and she looked amazing!


  1. yaaaaay, viva edie sedgwick! :D

    oh yeah, and on the 80s era one, don't forget CYNDI LAUPER xD

  2. ohhh i worship cyndi lauper bebbb!!! hahahahha..
    one of the best fashion icon ever lived!!