Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ugly Betty Inspired :)

I'm a HUGE fan of the series Ugly Betty, and even I love the character of Betty Suarez so much! and also, I'm CRAZY about her FASHION-STYLE!!

well, call me crazy, because although in the series, her style represents an unfashionable innocent-conservative-or even nerdy woman, but for me, her style is just undeniably BRILLIANT. Great colors and patterns mix-&-match, and lots of extraordinary vintage pieces that leaves me highly envious!!

the signature 'B' necklace, the polkadots shirt, the knitted vest, the glasses, and the smile
-Love them all!!!!-

America Ferrara as Betty Suarez
-she makes pattern mix&match wearable!-

and now, allow me to recreate the look.. 
with a little help from my new natalie ;)

sooo sorry for the sleepy look!! I didn't have proper sleeps in approximately two days because of mid-term assignments x(. Anyway, the puff-sleeved tee's from Zara TRF, the colorful knitted vest's from one of the online shopping from friendster *can't remember, oops!*, the shoes are Urs&inc, a custom-made necklace, and this vintage skirt..

the skirt's actually very precious for it's very comfy, and it's also a rare vintage pieces my mom got me from a secondhand stall in a mall nearby ;). I love the color, although it's a bit vague since sometimes it looks like grey, and sometimes it looks like navy blue.. either way, i love it :)

and here I go, 

brighter, bolder, BETTIER

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