Saturday, March 28, 2009

Parent's 27th Anniversary Dinner *still sleepy x(*

Remember that I haven't got proper sleeps for 2 days??

Well, yesterday after campus, we celebrated our parents wedding anniversary, we had dinner at Shangrilla Hotel, and I basically was sooo tired and too sleepy to choose what to wear, and ended up looking like this..

I wore this satin colorful patterned top with my black Zara pants, paired with my custom made black velvet heels, black clutch from Ca tu Cak market, some accessories, and a GLASSES! I couldn't wear contact, my eyes were too tired due to computer radiation x(

but surprisingly, I enjoyed the dinner, and were dead asleep as soon we got back home ;)


  1. hiiiii, great new blog, you have an orignal style :)

  2. thx piduth :D
    its an honor..
    since u have one original style too.. :)