Saturday, March 28, 2009

it's ARRIVED!!

my first ever JANEVILLE bag!!! love love LOVE!!!!

I love Janeville collection, and have always wanted to have one but my shopping spree tend to be spent on other things (CLOTHES *yaayy!*).
I just love the concept of the bags, where they are made specifically for fashionable school/college/or even working women! the bags are always tote, functional, and easy to carry.. 

anyway, I browsed their website and I found this adorable bag from their spring/summer 2008 collection, it's 'natalie' type ('natalie lollipop blue' to be exact), and I was just soooo crazy with the idea of carrying such lovely bag to campus, so I ordered it!! -and it was on sale for 50% *yayy!!*

and now.. my Natalie's arrived!!!

the bag, and the case :)

do you recognize the stripes pattern?? yes, it's BATIK LURIK!! *brilliant!*

isn't she LOVELY?? and apparently, my Tyson loves her too ;)

I just could wait to carry it around, so I carried it to campus! -it was thursday morning, PUBLIC HOLIDAY, and I needed to go to campus to do assignments!-  anyway, here's my first outfit for my first janeville!

Zara TRF's 'little miss chatterbox' tee, Mango super comfy pants, Charles&keith sandals, and my Natalie Lollipop Blue!!

I'm soooo happy with my new bag, and I just can't wait to splurge on another one sometime soon!! :D


  1. wooo ga jadi beli yang grandmama beb?? gue masih pengen yang pugsley niih but it's too expensive :((

    btw, the bag looks much better real life than in the website huh? ;)

  2. yes yes yes..
    gw aja kaget pas nyampe ga nyangka sebagus ini..

    ohh u must purchase one bebbb!!! pasti ga nyesel dehh..