Sunday, March 22, 2009

Academically Boho!

We all know that the boho (bohemian) style was developed during the bohemian revolution centuries ago. The word 'bohemian' in this context means 'artistic' and 'unconventional' , and the style itself represents the spirit of freedom, love, art, music, and all the goods in life. Sociologically, the movement goes against the norm of social behaviors and ways of thinking. Free thinkers, intellects, poets, artists, musicians, and so on. 

I adore the idea of expressing thoughts unconventionally and artistically through art and mostly with one's own attitude and style. That's why, it's always been a pleasure for me to adopt such inspiring style. It brings new 'academical' spirit and trust me, the ensemble is actually very comfy to wear to campus! 

White Top - Chic Simple
Bohemian inspired Skirt - one of the shopping district in Shanghai *forgot the name!*
Bag - Charles&Keith
Shoes - Malioboro, Jogja ;)


  1. love the shoes :D

    asli lah ada di malioboro??? brapaan???

  2. yes, its malioboro! :D
    round 35rb kalo ga slh ;)