Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Church Time: Classic Bohemian Time..

I went to Churh last Sunday wearing this ensemble..

The pics were taken at Ranch Market (Pondoh Indah) where my family and I had dinner afterwards :). We'd had dinner there the Sunday before, but it seems like we're addicted to the place and it's delicious fresh food (even right now, as i'm doing this post, I can still imagine the freshness of the delicious italian-dressing fresh salad). 

And apparently, the pics were also taken after we ate, and it explains the messy hair and the sleepy face in the pics ;). Btw, the knitted top's from Zara, the skirt's from Ca tu Cak market (Bangkok), the bag's Celine, and the shoes are Charles&keith. I'm also spotting these gorgeous vintage chandelier earrings I got from my bestie for my 19th birthday, LOVE it!!

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