Monday, May 25, 2009

Thanks God I've Got My BF ;)

Yesterday, I went to my boyfriend's house to do one of my papers. He agreed to help me, for I also helped him doing his ;). I chose his house for I can't concentrate doing my paper in my own house (with those wi-fi connections, my bed, and all? hell no!), I didn't wanna do it in campus either, since the library was too crowded (even it was crowded last Saturday!). 

and I had a good time, his mom cooked for me, and I managed to finish one of the important chapter, yayyyy! :D

wearing this Gaudi flower blouse, Colorbox jeans, vintage denim jacket (I've been having this jacket since elementary school i believe!), and shoes from Mustafa (Singapore), they are actually a birthday gift from Miss. L (yes, she's in TOWN!!).

I was also carrying my Ananas bag, and it was soooo heavy! I guess that's the downside of having such huge bag, you'll have a certain tendency of throwing all the stuffs there. But it's so functional though :)


  1. Your bf is sweet!!! You look cute.

  2. I do the same thing with perfume bottles lol :)

    x, thanks!

  3. i'm so terrible at studying at home! i can't concentrate at all. I usually go to a local coffee shop for a change of scenery

  4. @Nini : indeed! my boyfriend is the sweetest thing :D. and thx for the compliment :)

    @fashion chalet : yes, we can't seem to throw them away, do we? ;)

    @la petite fashionista : agree! a cup of coffee, really a perfect way to rejuvenate!

    @cc : thx as always cc, you always look even more lovely than me :)