Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Not Even Saturday Night

yep, it's not even Saturday night, and it was actually in the middle of my final, but my friends and I were gathered and went out..

1st stop, 
dinner at 'Gourmet Garage'

2nd stop, 
having some drinks at our favourite place, 'Vino Wine Bar'

my girl, Livia (aka Miss.L; gastronomia) looking gorgeous in her TopShop military jacket and her new pointed shoes :)

and me,

I was a bit tired for I was in campus earlier, dealing with the finals. I didn't manage to come home or change my attire, so that explains my crappy look ;)
wearing an (x)sml shirt, Zara pants, Charles&Keith clutch, and these pair of vintage-inspired shoes I bought in Pasar Baru.

but all and all, we had SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! 

note to my Miss.L : 
I had so much fun indeed, never had a dull moment with you.. I'll miss you, and good luck always wherever you go, whatever you do :)
mucha loves,


  1. muchaaaaaaa loveee darlie. landed safely nihh. btw super cold in here!!

  2. Hahaha, me too...I'll wait til my boyfriend ask me, which is unpredictable...Thanks for your sweet comment ;)

    The shoes is such a find!!! Bagus yah, Love the whole look...

    Nice to meet you ^^ -Gita-

  3. So fun, and you gals look fabulous!

    Btw, you should DEFinitely do the Top 20 tag!


  4. i love your shirt, it's just soooo comfy ^^