Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catch Up Post ;)

Well, since I was a bit busy last week and didn't really have enough time to post my daily thingies, I'll do it rite here rite now.. ;)

Such  busy day.. I had 3 classes, 3 papers, 3 presentations, you name it! Wearing an Et Cetera white shirt, Batik Keris Vest, Zara pants, courduroy postman bag, and Misschic oxford flats.

My boyfriend took all of the pics above, and during the time, this very cute cat came along. We played with him for a little while, and headed home afterwards :)

It was raining in the morning, so the weather was cold. Wearing a custom made tee (it was me and my two best buds on the tee!), Fashionlicious black batwing cardi, Colorbox black skinny jeans, shawl, Ananas bag, and Mr. Freddy oxford shoes.

I had some pedicure that day, with my boyfriend.. YES, I actually convinced him to do so ;), so much FUN!! 


My boyfriend and I went to H.E.M.A dutch restaurant on Menteng Huis. It was a very nice family restaurant, with some dutch-style decorations, dutch-style meals, and most importantly, AFFORDABLE prices! The food are delicious, and we just couldn't help to eat A LOT! really, A LOT! 
for more info of the place, click here

Sadly, my cameraphone broke down and I didn't manage to take some more pics..

but you still can see some of plastic tulips behind us ;)


  1. ka Chikita, senyumnya cantik banget deh! :D

  2. @putri : awww.. thats soo sweet, thx putri *blush!!*

    @ringa dinga boing boing : thx, u too, are showing great great items on ur blog ;)