Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Kind of Summer..

calling my girls, make sure they are all safely in town..

spending times with them, looking fabulous.. 

from brunch, lunch, to dinner 
 or just chilling out with the preffered glass of cocktails in hands..

from the street to the beach, 
the city's number one restaurants to little coffeeshops nearby,
or just simply
in each other's houses..

and after all has done,
I'll be back to the arms of my man :)

it's just my kind of summer :)


  1. OH MY GODD!!!! I smell summer bebiii!!

  2. I love how Carrie looks in the 1st pic!!

  3. aaaw, I can´t wait for the summer to start!!! That is the sweetest blogpost I have seen in a long time!!:-)
    I came in here by coincidence, but I like your blog, and now I really look forward to sit down with a big cup of tea and read your blog:-)
    I wish you the best summer!

  4. @krystal : absolutely.. one of the best show ever created! they are such icons!!

    @gastronomia : oh yes we do beibb ;)

    @girl next blog : me too, she looks gorgeous!! that's why i put it first :D

    @silje : thx so much!! such a sweet comment of you, you have a very nice blog too. and have a pleasant summer too u guys! :D