Friday, May 8, 2009

Layers of Surprises..

Ok, first of all, yesterday was my 20th birthday (May 8), and I just wanna share some sweet things my loved ones did on that day..

1. May 8, 
00.00 in the morning :)

my family went to my room and woke me up from my sleep, bringing this cake in, singing happy birthday, and gave me these loads of presents.

Nyla purple summer dress, and this fabulous vintage Guess watch from my parents, handmade knitted shawl from my grandma (she made it herself!!), PAC blush on from my sis, and this Betty Crocker's Cooking Book from my bro!!
-most stuffs are in purple *lol*-

2. Online Greetings

Thx soooo much for those boatloads birthday greetings I got on my facebook! I tried my best to reply them one by one :).

Neways, one of my sweetheart, miss L (a.k.a Gastronomia) post this pic on her blog, which is soooo sweeettt!!! I was so touched by this pic and just couldn't help to share it to the world, so I put it as a profile picture on my fb :D

*thx sooo much darl, you know how much it means to me..*

3. The (at last) successful surprise ;)

I went to campus, got back home at 7pm, busy replying all those bday greetings when these two Novi and Dennis called and said that they were outside my house. I went outside and here they were, with a cake lit up with candles, and a guitar singing happy birthday..

The funny thing is that they had been trying to gave me birthday surprise for ages and always blew it away (these two lovely people are too clumsy to give me surprise! *lol*), but this year, they SUCCEEDED! 

*I do love the surprise guys.. thx sooo much!!*

4. The definitely not least!

From my boyfriend, it is! First of all, on my birthday, he wrote a waaaayy too sweet status update on his fb profile..

 "20 years ago, one of my ribs were taken to create one of God's masterpiece. Happy birthday to you :)"

and Then, he gave me an even sweeter surprise..

Have I told you that I ADORE BOBBY CALDWELL?? 
He's my idol, my favourite singer-songwriter of all time! the one voice that always make my day whenever I hear it on the radio. MY OBESSION!!!

I've been his HUGE fan for years, and during the time, I've been searching for almost every single music stores in Jakarta and Singapore, and NEVER ever find it!

and yesterday, on my birthday, my boyfriend came to my social statistics class (after the class ended). He came in, bringing an adorable tiramisu cake lit up with candles, singing happy birthday with my classmates and my lecturer.
I made a wish, blew the candles, with joy and happiness.

Then he brought out a CD player, put the earphones on my ears, and whispered 
"Listen to the voice.."

I listened carefully, hearing the familiar voice, still blank..

and out of the blue, my boyfriend brought out a lovely recycled wrap box (he always know that I'm a proud environmental activist ;) ), and brought out these CDs, showed them in front of my teary eyes..

and I just screamed in excitement.. :)

He made my dream came true..

I also found out that he worked soo hard finding those things, he did some research and searched for almost two months and magically found Bobby Caldwell FIRST ALBUM 'What You Won't do For Love - 1979', and his early 90's album 'Solid Ground - 1991'.  

and after all, he's the best present my life could give.. :)


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU REALLY HAD WONDERFUL BDAY!!!! btw i've already fixed my blog :) hahahaha. oia oiaaaa RALAT! I am still MISS L. jgn tulis MRS L dong beb huahahhahahahahahha :D

  2. i did my dear.. although there were some stuffs that bothered me, but then again.. im so grateful for all.. I'M 20 now!! :D

    aihh maaf sayangg.. itu udah diralat,, hehehe..

  3. btw, you did an awesome job to make my bday even more beautiful, you know that.. :)

  4. ihh chiki cowonya romantis bgt sih. hati gue ikutan gimanaaaa gt pas baca ttg cowo l. hihihi :D

  5. i know niq :), he's the best!!!

    you too, have a very wonderful boyfriend, and u know that :D