Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Friends, Great Pizza :)

Sunday morning, my classmates and I were obliged to do some field research for the 'Urban Sociology' class. The Location were this Sunday Morning Market on Jl. Djuanda, Margonda, Depok. We all woke up early, went there, and was determined to find a proper informer for our group and individual research.

very crowded indeed :)

lots of interesting stuffs :)

Neways, I hadn't celebrated my birthday with my beloved classmates, so at that day after our field research, we want to Margo City Mall to see an edu-fair, and to have lunch together at Pizza Hut :), we also did some karaoke afterwards ;)

a toast for me, thx guys :)

and my boyfriend was there too..

overall, it was such a great day.. thx so much guys :D

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