Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lace Up Your Shoes!

I was googling and doing some image hunting in the middle of my paper-writing thing when I found these adorable pair of shoes.. I was basically interested with them for they are very classic and unique at the same time. There's an avant garde feeling about these shoes. I can imagine these darlings worn by those girls on medieval times or so.

Sadly, I was too mesmerized and forgot to take notes on what they were, what sites were they belong to and so on, so I basically have no idea about the origin of these masterpieces :(

I've been obsessed with Lace Shoes ever since..

Neways, about weeks ago, I went blogwalking on one of my newest favourite blog, Catu. I was reading one of her post and I found out that Givenchy has a collection of Lace Shoes, which is GORGEOUS!! They have different styles of lace shoes. Every single one of them is too tempting I can't seem to pick one ;)

The Heels
The Bootie

this one was worn by Jennifer Connely, check it out here

The Flats

The Sandals

Some other brands also spotting some lace shoes..

Jimmy Choo

Oscar de La Renta

and the most affordable of all :)

Nine West

*oh, I want!*


  1. oh you know what, I'm so in love with those shoes! And thanks for the comment again :) where do you live btw?
    Estonian weather is the biggest reason why people leave from our country, so I know how you feel

  2. really nice blog, keep going ! :)

  3. And girl, your long comments are always so interesting to read :) I'm happy to make you happy:) And yes, Estonia IS beautiful, especially Tallinn (our capital city). So many vintage shops, beautiful buildings and good restaurants etc.

  4. LOL. I know one thats MOAR affordable lol. It's this lace flat, quite similar in fact to the givenchy u posted, and only about Rp300.000,-
    It's Belle in STC. I've been wanting to go and buy them but I never seem to have the time to.

  5. Those are all really to die for! Love flats the most from here.

  6. @catu : you comments are always made my day.. thx sweetheart :)

    @elisabeth : thx so much, your blog is sooo nice too! :D

    @intan : i've never been to belle before, but ive seen their stuffs on lots of media, maybe i'll check it out someday.. bareng aja gmn tan? ;)

    @merily : those flats are my fave too! really want to make them custom made!!