Monday, June 15, 2009

We Love Mr. Astley :)

Gosh, I'm sooo sorry for my lack of post. It feels like I haven't been blogging forever! I had been a bit sick the whole week and had been spending my days in bed, but I'm ok now :). I've been out again for the last 2 days with my friends and my girls.

I met up with my lovely Ata last Sunday. She arrived on Saturday night, and contacted me the morning after, then we decided to go out for coffee right after lunchtime. We went to our favourite place, it's a coffeeshop nearby, Bakoel Koffie. We had some time! Great conversations, some very nice snacks, gosh, I just miss her soo much!

I really love her outfit that day!

her signature pile of necklaces :)

having a bad hair day, I decided to put on a headband

Orange tee worn as dress, Charles&Keith bag and sandals

During our conversation, she mentioned one thing that really made me laugh. She said that I always remind her of Rick Astley, and everytime she sees him or hears his music, she thinks of me. That's actually quiet a statement! *lol*

I'm a huge fan of Rick Astley, I even attended his Jakarta concert last year, such a blast! and I'm actually having a 'Rick Astley Videos Marathon' on Youtube as I'm writing this post ;)

Here's one of my favourite video of Rick Astley, 'She Wants to Dance with Me', which was released in 1988. Enjoy ;)


  1. Yummy post!
    And great headband!
    Hope you feel 100% asap, darling!


  2. Your tee-shirt/dress is amazing! It looks so great on you. In fact, both of you look fantastic!


  3. hihi..chikita u look simply cute.
    Eh udah aku bales ya komennya di blog aku..
    Ayok ayok ayoook.... :D

  4. blahh i feel your pain. im sick right now as we speak. as much as I love laying in bed watching movies I feel like I have so much to do!

    glad you got to escape to a girl's day out! :) you look so cute!

  5. nothing is wrong with your hair its good! but i think the headband make your outfit even cooler. so.. everything happen for a reason right? hehe