Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heels and a Boyfriend's Shirt..

I bought a new pair of heels!! and I'm just sooo in love with these babies, I just can't stop wearing them, even round my house! They were a black satin Nose shoes from one of my favourite shoes outlet Nouveau :)

these are the reason why I love them so much.. 

Moreover, they also match this shirt very well! it's my boyfriend's shirt, which I stole from his wardrobe earlier this month.. (he wanted it back, but I swear to you guys, he WON'T get it back, this shirt looks better on me than on him *wink!*)

pair them with my favourite jeans, a bag from Metro Department Store, and some random bangles from my jewelery box :)

p.s. maybe it's just me, but I felt so beautiful wearing such ensemble. Is it because of the heels or the shirt, what do you think guys?


  1. those shoes are AMAZING! they look so high fashion, i've never seen anything like them in any dept. stores. you're also making me wish i had a boyfriend to borrow shirts from!

    You look fabulous :)

  2. Those heels are fabulous! You look so sexy and confident in the menswear shirt!


  3. Great shoes! I know what you mean, sometimes I feel really beautiful just wearing something simple. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love yours:)

  4. Those heels are amazing! I'm so jealous of you ... I wish I could be the owner! ;)


  5. woow those heels are killer...and love a nice boyfriend shirt. Will look great together!

    camille x

  6. Love the boyf's shirt looks sexy on you!=)Yeah I'm a doctor but not yet a full pledged one I have yet to take the medical board exam next year..=)


  7. it is a good outfit, rich slouchy shirt, skinnies and heels...

  8. baaaaaaaaaaaabe I SO LOVE THE HEEELS!!!!!!!!!