Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saturday, Having Gourmet in a Garage

It was last Saturday, we all gathered at Gourmet Garage, having a very nice quality time with friends and Putri's family. We had dinner, and were just chattering around and enjoying some great meals.

Salmon & Spinach Quiche

Spaghetti Carbonara

Carrot Cake, my favourite :)

Putri's Parents

with the kids :)

After the great dinner. Putri's parents went home with the younger kids. And we stayed for another couple of hours, enjoying some wine, and this time, having a friends quality time. The girls also took some time, taking photos in the ladies room ;)

our shoes..

Niqe, and her fabulous bootie

Putri, with her jumpsuit

Naomi (Niqe's lil' sister), 
looking so pretty with her denim skirt and animal-printed scarf

wearing a Mphosis tank, Noir sur Blanc cashmere cardigan, Zara TRF jeans, and a pair of custom made heels

Naomi took a photo of three of us

Today I'm going to go shopping with my Mom, a Mother-Daughter quality time. So, what are you guys doing today? Hopefully you'll have some wonderful times,
cheers!! :D


  1. food looks delicious and you girls look great! Rome is a very beautiful place indeed, and don't worry ive been to a gelato stall every single day haha! xoxo

  2. Such cute pics ~ you all look lovely! I adoooore carbonara, too!


  3. wow, aku ngiler deh sama carrot cake nya juga. and u all have cool shoes. =)

    ng aku sendiri masih blom tau masuk college mana sis. ;(
    bulan ini tuh kepala aku full sama "college yg ini ato yg itu ya??"
    doakan aku ya sis biar dpt college yg tepat. =D

    aku di panti asuhan bojong. kalo sis?
    wah lucu2, jadi tertarik... =D

    oke, i am linking u now...

  4. haii..kamu anak UI yaa? :)
    aq smpt baca comment kamu disalah satu blog *tp lupa dimana* wkt lg blogwalking..hehe

    anw,,salam kenal jg dr UI,tp br aja lulus..mau tukeran link ga? :)

    thx yaa..

  5. You all look lovely! That carrot cake looks delicious, too ... haha! :)


  6. Hi,
    It is size small and fabric has stretch

    camille x

  7. Seems like you had a lot of fun. And on another note, custom made heels? Get em' girl!

  8. hahaha chic.. im back
    abis UTS SP Matdas dan lembar gue . oke de gue salah nyontek. ngeliat lmbar jawaban si oq nomer 2 gue tulis di lembar jawaban gue nomer 3. giling!
    Na as. alamat gue ngulangg

    wooooo, mamanya temen lo si putri itu fashionable sekali =)
    dan makanan2 itu. oh tidakkk. gourmate garage best!

    iya2. nanti kalo gw ma oq mau ke poncol ntar sms ato wall aja yaw!

  9. Food looks too good, now I'm double hungryyyy.

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