Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breakfast Adornments

I'm a huge fan of the blog 'absolutely beautiful things' by Anna Spiro, and one day when I was doing blogwalking throughout the blog, I found another gorgeous blog. It's 'simply breakfast' by an awesomely talented photographer, Jennifer Causey. This blog displays some photograph of breakfast meals, and it's simply breathtaking for she does a great job in finding the best angles and photograpic compositions to create such living images drawn by simple breakfast meals. I just love the blog, and eagerly want to share it with you guys. Here are some images taken from the blog.

and this is the book of Jennifer Causey's photographs

check out the blog here

looking at these images really reminds me of  how long I haven't been cooking for my boyfriend.  I usually cook  some meals for him to eat in campus, and I haven't done such thing since it's holiday already. I guess I'll do it sometimes soon ;)


  1. suka fotografi2 gitu yaa?
    yasud,abis ini lgsg aku kirim ya ke FB(eh gmn caranya ngirim gmbr)?
    hmm..classis-vintage? pikir ki,pikir ki...

  2. No, I decided against becoming an academic, but do have 2 masters degrees in history and am currently studying to become a librarian. I guess my favorite historical period is early modern Italian history (17th-18th century). I studied gender, travel narratives and then the publishing industry and convent life in 17th century Venice primarily. Are you planning on becoming a professor? Do you have a favorite historical period?

  3. wah, kau dan oq sepertinya mau bertukar sesuatu. baiklah, kalian kirim ke gue ya barteran nya.. makasi ya

    wah, iya aku sama oq juga satu sma, satu kelas juga di sma.. hahaha
    loh? lo 2007 juga,, sett dahhh

    oooo mustofa singaporeee.,, yayayaya
    dimananya? ak prnh beli hp disitu

    iya, ak ngisi soundtrack nya,, bantu keluarga.. hahaha

    duh bntar lagi gue hrs brangkat sp.. dan malasss


  4. Yes, I am a big Beatles fan. Thanks for notacing. I have millions of their posters, all their records, tons of books, postcards, pins, shirts, on them,. I went to ringos concert and i want to go to Pauls. Lovely food, I'm hungry now....

  5. wow, that blog is totally cool!
    kalo breakfast gue kayak itu molo, gue rela deh bangun jem 6 tiap hari. XD

    umur brapa nih? hehe...
    suka photography ya?
    sociology major? wah salut! asek nehh ngomongin sosiologii ama u. =D

    itu Panti Usada Mulia. rumah sakit khusus org2 gak mampu. di daerah cendrawasih kalo gak salah. =)

    makasihh yaa comment balik na.
    and ini ptama x na, gue kenal ma org yg unik macem u, yg puna mama papa yg gak kalah unik!
    baca dr comment u, gue ngebanyangin percintaan mamapapa u yg romantis2 gtu. hehe

  6. Thank you for your comment! Your blog is great!


  7. just one thing to say....

    d e l i c i o u s ... ;)