Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forget the Monday Blues

Last Monday, I can say that I had one of the best Monday ever for the last couple of months. I met up with my friends (my girlssss!! miss them soooo much!!), ate some great food, and watched great movie (we watched 'Drag Me to Hell', a highly recommended!).

First stop that day, Ata and I went to Dairy Queen to get some Blizzards. She had been craving for them for such a long time (she couldn't get it in Bandung). She had her Oreo-Mint, and I had my Green tea-Choco crumb.

Oh, what a happy face ;)

We met up with the others afterwards and went to Sushi Tei. At that time, my girl, Putri was craving for sushi ;)

We watched the movie, and went to Heavenly Blush. Again, my dear Putri was craving for Frozen Yoghurt ;). 
We had a great time there, chattering about the movie, share some stories here and there, and even discuss some recent issues. 

Ata and her simple bohemian look

Niqe and her to-die-for top. love the color!

The couples,

Niqe & Ade

Putri & Kochin

look at her fabulous legging!

The girls, they all looked fabulous! adore them!!

and some last snaps before headed back to my car ;)

Mphosis tee, Grey vest from ITC Depok, Shorts from Ca tu Cak Market (Bangkok), Charles&Keith bag, and Mustafa shoes.


  1. You all look fantastic! And those leggings really are to die for!


  2. It looks like a fun time...and DQ blizzards definitely make everything better. Thanks for the wonderful comment, by the way. I studied history as an undergraduate and also when I was in graduate school and at one point wanted very much to become a historian (hence the t shirt:). We read alot of theorists from the social sciences, Weber included. I love blogging because I can meet so many people with various interests, such as fashion AND sociology:) Anyway, wonderful post!

  3. You and all your friends are super cute and it looks like you had a ton of fun. You're making me want some soy ice cream :)

  4. Seems like that was a wonderful day!
    oh i love blizzards too haha, the oreo one!
    and you girls all look fabulous :)

  5. Fabulous, fun post! You all look so stylish!


  6. (look closer at the screen)
    and says: your shoes is great! Mustafa shoes itu dmn?
    Chikita udah aku bales di blog aku ya,baca duluu. Rmh km dmn?

  7. that purple printed legging is so adorable :)

  8. eh ada ringa dinga.. hahhaha itu temen sekampus gue chik, sekelas juga..

    iya beull Mustafa shoes tu apa dan dimana ya?
    ga tau


    iya, aku sp senen kamis
    da kayak puasa..

  9. wah, totally agree with ur words...
    fashion is sociological =)