Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Sunday..

We were having some family quality time. After Church, we all headed to Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta to enjoy their great buffet for lunch.

I always love their buffet, they always have the most fresh food, especially seafood, which I'm addicted to, and a super-friendly service (apparently, my dad know some of the people in charge there, so they had never let us down). We all walked out full and satisfied.. :)

afterwards, we went to my sister's 'soon-to-be' apartment.. she'll be moving to the place in the coming months. We were very happy to see the place, it's a very nice apartment building with some great facilities, it's also located in the center of the town, which is near my sister's office. It's still under-construction, but I can see how fabulous this place will be..

and the girls look gorgeous..
(I'm in love with my mom's dress, she designed it herself!)

wearing a Gaudi top, Colorbox jeans, Charles&Keith bag, and a pair of these Aerosoles heels, which I thought very perfect for family occasion.

I just love the details of these classic babies. and they're very comfortable to wear!

After that, we went to Grand Indonesia to watch Terminator:Salvation. It was a very fun family quality time indeed :)


  1. Yummy brunch!
    You all look so lovely and happy!


  2. Thank you SO much for your comments. You're ALWAYS so damn cute and nice to me. It always makes my day. I'm full of compliments and thank you for that:) Love your shoes. And the ice-cream(?) looks so delicious!

    My first exam today didn't went as well as I would wanted.
    What are you going to do next year? You graduated your 12th class, right?
    I have to admit that google translator sucks, so I wouldn't be very surprised if you didn't understand anything.. But thanks for your support.