Thursday, April 15, 2010

Originally Rhapsody

images from 'Female Daily Forum'

Irwan Tirta is one of the most acclaimed Indonesian designers. He, along with many other names, have been doing wonderful jobs in raising recognition toward Indonesian fashion, especially toward 'Batik', the traditional Indonesian fabric. 

I accidentally found these lovely images showcasing the all beautifully made couture by the designer himself, shot by the talented Indonesian photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina.

I just wanna share these inspiring photos, and the beauty of (may I proudly say) Indonesian fashion and culture with you all. hope you enjoy them as much as i do. :)



  1. Oh I want these clothes! The color is fantastic!!

  2. you have great taste!
    I adore this entry...

    thanks for checking out our blog btw :)


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  4. very nice post dear! love the pieces!
    ya i stay in sg now :)
    really?? that's great! woohoo
    hope we can meet !
    for how many days will you be staying?


  5. beautiful photos.

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  6. oh i LOVE this :)
    thanks for sharing!
    love your blog too
    great posts
    stop by some time xx