Sunday, April 11, 2010


Gosh, can't believe it's been almost a year since my very last post. I've been so caught up with a lot of things and i couldn't seem to find the right time to blog. 

But i just miss blogging soooo much, and i miss sharing things through blogsphere with you guys, that's why, without further announcement, I'M BACK!

Neways, these are what i was wearing last Sunday, for lunch, movie, and Churh. A day of quality time with my parents :)

(x)sml top, vintage leggings from my mom, Only i 'COA' cardigan, Amante flats, a random necklace, and Charles&Keith tote. I'd just received the cardigan a day before and it was a love at the first sight. it was one of the best-looking cardigan I'd ever seen, designed by our wonderful local designer, Only i, by DiamondHurts.

i LOVE the back side of this goodie :D

and the flats are actually my mom's, but my mom and i share a lot of stuffs, especially footwears since we have the same size, lucky me ;)

all and all, just like Natalie Cole said, it's just "SO GOOD TO BE BACK".
Happy Monday people!



  1. Great to have you baaack! Love this outfit dahin!

  2. 請繼續發表好文!加油加油再加油!........................................

  3. Cute shoes lady! I need some good flats I have like none!


  4. Yay! You're back! I've missed your posts:) Thanks for the comment.